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Went and saw Twilight Breaking Dawn

Ok so me and hubby went to go see Twilight Breaking Dawn part 1 and OMG all I can say is that its flipping amazing and awesome! I would definitely go see it again and again if I could!! And in a way, I am glad that I waited to go to it earlier tonight instead of the midnight showing last night..they were packed! Well they were packed earlier tonight too. Absolutely no free seats not one in the whole room!  It was a great and amazing movie and I loved every minute of it!! Heck it even had hubby on the edge of his chair a few times, tears and made his jaw drop at least once!   Not going to spoil anything about the movie, but after it was done, stay for the shows a secret part of the upcoming BD part 2!   And then when we got up to leave and went out of the room, there was a group over a girl/lady and one of them crying and another one frantically on the phone saying she's unresponsive I can't get her to move!! We walked out, got in the van, drove 2 blocks ho

Casey Anthony adopted a baby girl in Romania!!!

Read this I am with the person in Romania saying that she shouldn't be allowed to adopt! UGH!

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I am really thrilled and excited and can't really believe just yet that Breaking Dawn part 1 is this Friday!! I have been waiting for so long and now that its finally literally around the corner its really hard to take in. I guess that I will be waiting until Friday evening to go and bring hubby and the kids with me to watch it. I thought about going to tomorrow night's midnight showing but then I thought it might be packed more then then Friday night so I will just wait...I can't wait though!! I haven't read the last of the books, read the first one and was hooked and then watching the movies made it all that much more. I watched the LA premier the other night on yahoo and that was fun to see them show up and spend time with the fans signing autographs and taking pictures with them..I even had the thought of moving to CA in my head there for a little while!! I looked and for a 4-5 bedroom in certain parts of CA its not that expensive, about the same as around her