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Looking for Recruiters

Hey there everyone, If you are looking for something to do from home and you like helping people to, why not become a recruiter?? I am a recruiter and I need some help with all the job orders pilling up so I am hiring Recruiters to help me. You will be working on commission which means, if you bring me someone and they get hired by the company (Im not the company) and I get paid because they were hired and you referred them, then you will get 10% of whatever I get paid from the company! Not to bad. So if your interested email me  and put Recruiter in the subject line. Thanks everyone, have a great day.

My working at home today site

Hey there everyone, I am trying to get caught up on things this weekend. So I will be updating the site and putting up some more things that might be of some interest to you if your working at home and like to do the earning extra money thing or if your wanting to make some money at home. Also I will be posting jobs soon to. Have a great rest of the weekend.