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#BlogOpp Mega Coffee Lovers

Blogger Opp~ Mega Coffee Lovers Giveaway 
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#BlogOpp Stocking Stuffer Announcement

Blogger Opp Stocking Stuffer Giveaway 

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Amy & Aron's Real Life Reviews

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Zubel's 12 inch Doll
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TeenyMates Pack
Giants in the Land Book
Anzard Book
aLLreLi Rockman Speaker

This is great bundle to get the Holiday stock pile growing. 
This has a gift for everyone in the family.

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Classic Cars are awesome!

So I did a post previously on sharing someone's experience with classic can read about it here, now its my turn to do one on the cars that I've seen in the last year or 2 around the Dallas area and here in SW Oklahoma. These are all pics that I've taken myself while driving down the road/at a stop light etc.

Yes I am a HUGE fan of all of these vehicles...I would love to have one of them! I think that the first one is my all time fave....

Perfect weather for Beef Stew!

I love this time of year....when its nice and cool and even rainy out like today. I'm really into the cool weather and the Fall and Spring seasons and not so much the summer and winter seasons. Winter is too cold for me and summer is too hot for me! So I love the Fall weather where I can get back into the groove of cooking my chili, stew and roast. Those are my favorite things for the fall season. 
I absolutely go nuts with the stew! My boys like it but, don't love it like I do!! I can eat it once a week unlike them! That's why now that they are well a young adult and a soon to be 17-year old next week (yikes!) they can do the "pot luck" meal when I make my stew which is usually on a Friday so that it will last me through out the weekend!! I love it and that's what I am planning on doing today....stew time for the first time this season and I can't wait!! Fixing to go in there and start it and smell up the place with delicious smells of beef stew cooking!

Osborne Files: Mille Miglia ~ A Truly Incomparable Experience

The Mille Miglia ‘Storica’ There are arguably a score of excellent multi-day vintage rally and tour events held around the world each year, many held in wonderful places with terrific roads and contested by exciting and beautiful cars. However, it can be definitively declared that all the rest exist as a tribute to the greatest historic driving event of them all, the historic Mille Miglia of Italy.

The Mille Miglia ‘Storica’ – Italian for ‘historic’ – is in most ways very different from the original Mille Miglia ‘di velocità’ or ‘speed’ contests held between 1927 and 1957. What once was a non-stop blast through city, town, village and open country, a test of not only machine but the endurance of the driver and navigator is now a four-day ‘regularity trial’, the modern versions of which began in 1982, following a 50th anniversary commemorative run in 1977. Image Source: Stirling Moss and Denis Jenkinson Mercedes-Benz 300 SLR in 1955 Mille Miglia (
A Brief History of Mille Migl…

#BlogOpp Christmas Gift Guide Contests

We have a lot of great giveaways to go along with our Christmas Gift Guide. You will not be posting our guide! Sign Ups End 10/29 Each contest has 1 sponsor on it. Some will run 3 weeks, others will run 11/1 - 12/25 The 3 week contests will be on giveaway tools with co host entries on the form and 5 points each The longer contests will be on rafflecopter and will have 4 winners, one each week in December, with the exception of one, that will run just slightly different.  This one you will receive follow pages and co-host pages. If you are on Laura or Julie's all list you do not need to sign up again! There are 2 free entries. Co-hosts are $3 each for 3 additional entries. All other entries will be $2 each We are doing a special for anyone wanting to sign up to co-host all contests. There are 43 contests right now and more coming. Total for co hosting all is $50. A little over $1 each but I know there are more contests so it could end up being less than $1 each. Contests currently scheduled JClaw …


Welcome to the 2nd annual #MommyMeBirthdayBash with your hostesses Mommy by Nurture and Tales From A Southern Mom. With a carefully selected array of fun prizes perfect for Moms and toddlers you are sure to find plenty of giveaways to enter from 10/10-11/1. To find more giveaways to enter during the event please click here.

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What an awesome prize for this giveaway!! Looks like this wo…

We Love Disney New Hits Compilation - my review

I had the awesome opportunity to listen to this before it actually comes out on Oct 30th!
This is an absolutely awesome cd that is getting ready to release on Oct 30th!!! If you love Disney then you will absolutely love the variety that this cd has on it from Jason Derulo to Ariana Grande to Gwen Stefani to Rascal Flatts!! It has a huge variety of awesome and amazing singers and they definitely show that singing the best Disney songs ever I think!!
This took me back to the days when I was a little girl and loved watching and listening to the songs that they played...especially "It's a Small World" one of my all time favorite songs.
There are 12 very talented artists included in this cd.... watch below for a teaser!!

Here are a few of my favorites, although I gotta admit I really loved them all!! They did an awesome job on this one for sure!
NE-YO “Friend Like Me” (Aladdin)
Jason Derulo “Can You Feel the Love Tonight / Nants’ Ingonyama” (The Lion King)
Gwen Stefani “The Rainbow …