Show others you CAN do what they said you couldn't do!

I love this saying/quote because I've lived most of my adult life thinking that my mom or some others was right and that if they told me that I couldn't or wouldn't ever do something then that was it and I wouldn't be able to do it. That is just SO not right!!

I broke out of my shell about 4 years ago and ever since then I will NOT back down and just sit there while my own mother sits there and tells me you can't, you won't and your never ever gonna.....

Because guess what??? I have, I am and I'm going to continue on doing it!!! I've realized that when she told me 20 years ago that you won't ever have your own place and make a life for you or your kids! I did!!! Not only that I raised 4 kids!!! Not only that but I stayed married and made it through situations that she didn't believe me on!! I did it though!!!! I DID IT! I made it through!!

She told me that I wouldn't ever be able to actually "work from home" because all I did was sit in front of a computer and do nothing but "play" on it all day!!! Really? How funny that is because I've been "playing" on it for YEARS now and making income from home and paying bills with it!! Hmm, don't figure!

She told me that I would NEVER be able to go to College and make anything out of myself!! Her reasoning for saying this at the time I didn't know...but, I have recently found out (last year) that when she was 18 and fixing to graduate high school that a rep from a college came to her and wanted her to go to college but her parents told her NO! Okay and??? Well her reply was they told me not too that I didn't need it so she didn't go through with it. Um okay, well guess what?? That isn't me! She had a choice she could of went to college back then if she would of put her mind to it and wanted it bad enough she would of made it happen! She didn't have the willpower to do it and regrets it therefore she puts that on me and tells me I will never go and blah blah blah...Oh but guess what??? I DID GO!!!! I've taken college classes and me being the "naive" me a few years ago thinking that she would actually possibly be proud of me or say something positive to me about taking college classes instead told me "oh its not real college if you do it online!" Hmm, really? That's the best thing she could think of to tell me that I still didn't do it and still wasn't going to make anything out of myself! Well regardless of what she said I've made something out of myself or I wouldn't be living on my own in an apartment with my own things with 2 of my kids and making a living working at home which according to her is "playing" on the computer all day!! So I guess playing on the computer actually paid off!

Don't ever no matter who they are or what they say let anyone out there tell you that "you can't, you won't or your never ever gonna" because that is just a way of them saying they are jealous in my opinion and you need to do it not only for yourself but, to prove them wrong!! Don't let them get away with it!! Don't let those words stick in your head like they did me all those years (15+ years!!!)

          You CAN do it!! You WILL do it if you are determined!!!

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