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Rough Weekend

Lets just say it was a very very rough weekend and so far its been a rough month....rough as in emotional and somewhat stressful. Bunnie had her babies..3 of them..none of them ended up making it because she had them too sad when there is nothing you can do to help! I felt and still feel so helpless. She was crying and dreaming last night she knows and misses her babies and then earlier this evening our little black calico we lost her as well...very very emotional since we are all such animal lovers.   Our icky neighbors next door got yet ANOTHER dog, well puppy (I swear whoever keeps giving them animals needs to be bopped on the head or something because they mistreat them just like they do the kids!!!) The poor little puppy is out there in the back yard tied up on the other side of the yard by the fence with NOTHING to get into or under and it was sleeting earlier and it was just a yelping and crying up a storm! We heard one of them crying and hollaring and went out t