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Sharing a cool game on shockwave - no downloading

Another freaking train whistle blowing!!!

Its nearly 3am and another train is passing through and just a blaring that darn whistle!! What the heck?? Shouldn't there be some sort of "law" or something that they can't blast the damn whistles after a certain time or something!! GRR!

Train blowing its whistle after 1am!!

OMG!! If I wasn't awake right now I would of just gotten woke up!! A train is coming through town and blasting its whistle! What the heck? Really at 1:18am you really need to blow the freaking horn? Is that really necessary??! I think not!

Facebook games - what are your faves?

Awake and can't sleep since I took a mini nap earlier thanks to a you get on Facebook and play the games? If so, what are some of your fave games on there??   Some of my favorites are Gourmet Ranch, I think I'm at level 140 or so, absolutely love that game and have to get everything new when they offer it like the ingredients etc. I have actually spent $5 or so on the keys to unlock the ingredients! Love the game!!   Another favorite of mine is Big Business, I absolutely love that game too, always been one of my favorites and I have recently spent a few dollars to upgrade and get the place running faster and better and its working  

Breast Cancer Awareness Month - Think Pink

Since this is  Breast cancer awareness month, I will be posting some really nice tags that I have got and I am getting more. I didn't make them, not that talented, but I will share them on here.   Do what you can to take care of yourself.  

Red River Rivalry weekend!! OK vs TX

I can't believe that its this time of year again already! Its the big Sooners vs Longhorns weekend! GO OU!! We will win again this year. I love this weekend, its the only weekend I will sit down and watch all of the football game! I am not that much into football but I absolutely love this weekend!! GO OU!!   Have a great weekend everyone

Getting a lot of migraine headaches lately

I'm not too sure why but I have been having a migraine headache every day for the past week. They really suck having migraines and nothing will help but laying down with a cold wash cloth on my forehead and even some days that didn't help that much. Tonight I had to take Excedrin PM that knocked me out a couple of hours before it would go away. Hubby says its probably because I've got so much on my mind andyea that is for sure true, I have a ton on my mind but not really stressed about anything and that is usually when I get them so I don't know hopefully it will stay away and not come back for awhile. The weird thing is that its only on the top right of my forehead.. Have a great weekend everyone.