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Day 8 - Truth Blog - someone that has made my life hell

The man that I married in order to keep my son!! He cheated on me, he drank, he has physically abused me and I despise him.

Weather here - winter weather advisory

Were in a winter weather advisory until tomorrow at 5pm. Chance of snow..and my camera is messed up so now I can't take any pictures of anything!! Darn it! I love my camera!!!! Next 5 days > Next 5 Days Tonight Jan 8 Considerable clouds Lo  28 ° Tomorrow Jan 9 Cloudy, some snow; colder 34 ° Lo  27° more Monday Jan 10 Cloudy and cold 39 ° Lo  20° more Tuesday Jan 11 Breezy with sunshine 33 ° Lo  18° more

30 Days of Truth (a challenge blog)

Good afternoon everyone, I know that this is a little late, but I love blogging and want to do this one so I figured better late then never right? So I found this in a group that I joined on, one of the moms had put it in a post to a group 30ishmama  The link will take you straight to the post about the challenge. I have decided that I am going to get caught up on the days today and put them on the right days (love posting options where I can do that for things like this and schedule the posts to be posted at certain times :) ) Here are the things to write about each day. So if your up for it, go for it!! Order of Ceremonies: Day 01  — Something you hate about yourself. Day 02  — Something you love about yourself. Day 03  — Something you have to forgive yourself for. Day 04  — Something you have to forgive someone for. Day 05  — Something you hope to do in your life. Day 06  — Something you hope you never have to do. Day 07 — Someone who has made your l

I collect (blog dare)

Good morning everyone, Today the blog dare is about what I collect, if I collect and do others collections bother me. I use to collect post cards. They were SO much fun to get from all over the world!! I would be getting several a week and I loved it. Then I stopped, but I would really really love to get back into it. I use to collect key chains too. Every time I would get out and go somewhere and see a little keychain I would get it.. And I collect pictures and tags :) Do other people's collections bother or annoy me? No, not really. Unless of course they collect something like beer cans or something. I watched an episode of Hoarders where a guy had like a garage full of empty beer cans! Thats crazy!

Day 7-Truth Blog- Someone who has made your life worth living for

Someone that has my my life worth living for is my children. Each of them mean the world to me. Before my children, there is one person who is very special to me that made my life worth living for more since the day that I met him at our bus stop in our neighborhood waiting on the school bus. He knows who he is, he is the love of my life. We became best of friends and have been through some rough times, but never once has our love for each other faded, if anything its become stronger. I know that my love for him is stronger now than back then 20 years ago. We dated and remained best of friends and are still the best of friends and hopefully only will continue to get closer and closer. We have the kind of relationship where you finish each other's sentences, and at times know w hat the other is thinking and one will say it while the other one was thinking it. We have a very very strong connection and have since we first met.  Beside my children, meeting him has made my life worth l

Saving Abel (video)

This is the song the Sex is good by Saving Abel     I just heard it on the radio...why are they playing this one so often??

Enjoying a relaxing Friday night :)

So I am home tonight, as usual!! LOL..I had a busy long chaotic day today...thank goodness its FRIDAY!!!! I still have to work this weekend but I am relaxing and enjoying my evening. Kids are in bed or at least in their rooms with the lights out being quiet. And I am drinking the last of my strawberry daiquiri. I love posting in groups and commenting in blogs so I plan on doing more of that tonight before I call it a night and I love snagging and requesting tags so I am going to be picking some of them up tonight as well since I wasn't able too through out the week. Catching up on emails and rewriting the articles tomorrow and Sunday...maybe another little drink tomorrow evening, we will see. Its supposed to be icky out this weekend. Chance of rain and sleet and possible snow flurries Sunday evening/Monday morning, that should be fun! Have a great weekend.

Do you need a great support group with women only in it?

Hi everyone, If you are in need of support of whatever your going through, maybe your a new mom or maybe your a single mom or maybe your having other issues such as health issues etc and no one understands. Give us a try. Were a small support group only for women and were on Aimoo. Sick of Being Sick Support Group

The Blog Dare

Good evening everyone, I thought that I would share The Blog Dare link  in case any of you would like to join in and do the blog dare :) I love it so far.  I usually blog on a daily basis anyway but this way I can come up with different things to blog about. So just click on the link above or on the title of this blog to go to The Blog Dare and read about it and join in if you like. TGIF!!  Enjoy your weekend everyone.

First day of High School

Blog Dare  - First day of High School This is something that I should of remembered for the rest of my life and I am sure that back then I wrote about it in my journal because back then, I was always writing and always had a journal handy for my thoughts and feelings. I met some of the best friends in the world in high school and most of them are still my best friends today...even 20 something years later! I love all of my friends, they mean the world to me. I really wish that I could remember more about that day.

I am sitting here trying to get my head cleared from all the mumbo jumbo going on and on in it and I was looking through my email and got an exclussive offer in my email from for a coupon of 7% off of my entire order from them! Wow that is quite a lot if you ask me! I know that its not a ton but ever little bit that we save somewhere can be put towards something else that we need or can use right? So that got me thinking, do any of you ladies out there buy from I don't get any incentives from writing about them, just thought I would ask and see what your thoughts are about the site. Personally I love them! I have bought a computer and monitor from them a few years ago and the computer is still going and so is the monitor. Its lasting longer then a higher dollar computer that was bought somewhere else and I paid about double what I paid for the overstock one! So I just thought I would see if anyone had anything to say about them. With tax

Rewriting Articles

If you click on the title of this blog, that will take you to my other blog which tells about me working at home. I am working on a rewriting project right now and I am difficulty in passing the articles through copyscape. I don't know what the problem is and I am getting very discouraged because of it. I have written articles before and rewrote articles too and have never had an issue. So anyone out there with advice would be greatly appreciated. Rewriting Articles

Introducing BellaMora International - Sign up FREE & get FREE samples!

First I just want to say that I haven't been putting my work at home things on this blog because I know that not all moms are looking to work from home but when I saw this tonight I thought that I would share it on both blogs. Sign up free and get Free samples and who doesn't like free samples right?! I think that the extra part of it thats awesome is joining free to earn money at home. Good morning everyone, I was browsing through some cafemom groups that I am in and I came across this opportunity and signed up for it and thought that I would share it with you all. The company is called BellaMora International. I haven’t personally heard of it until I came across it tonight. If your looking for something to do from home and want to make some extra money, you might want to give this a try or at least look at it.  MyBellaMora site If you decide to give it a try, you can sign up/join absolutely free and you get FREE samples too!! What can be better then joining something for free

Day 6 - Truth Blog - Something you hope you never have to do

The first thing that came to mind when I read this one is I hope that I never have to bury any of my children. That is one of my worse nightmares is to have them leave this earth before me. My children are all still young and got a full life ahead of them and that is something that I know that I wouldn't handle well at all.

Blog Dare for today

Well the subject for today's blog dare is  The day I found out I was pregnant. What were you doing that led you up to purchasing/taking a pregnancy test?  How did you feel?  What was the day like?  What stands out in your memory. When I found out that I was pg with my 3rd child (my only daughter - 3rd ones a charm) I was excited and emotional. She's now 13 soon to be 14 in April. I really don't remember to much about back then and getting the test and all that. I just remember thinking, hoping and praying that it was going to be healthy and a girl. With my first son/child, I had a hard time going through it, made it through it ok but I was young and didn't have too much support from my family and my friends weren't near me back then, they were in TX so it was hard. My 2nd one was a little easier and then my last one and 4 th one was a complete surprise.

Should be sleeping

So for some reason, I am still awake and going! I don't feel good and so my whole sleeping schedule is all messed up.   I had been going to bed on time usually around 10-11 and was doing good and then the cold hit me and the sore throat and the lovely coughing and all the crap that goes along with being sick and just feeling like crap and when that happens my sleeping gets mixed up. So now I am up when I should be sleeping. I will just stay awake until time to get the kids up and gone to school and get some work done and then take a little nap in mid afternoon probably and then hopefully be back to norm tomorrow night..maybe!   Leon finally works from 6am-noon today so that way I won't have him here or the kids..a nice quiet peaceful enjoyable house to myself! Life is good!

Day 5 Truth blog - Something you hope to do in your life

Something I hope to do in my life is love and be loved the way that I want to be and need to be. I hope that I find the happiness in my life like I want my children too do. I hope to continue to be the best mom that I can be and be there for my children forever.

Life isn't about finding yourself, Life is about creating yourself.

I found this on one of the sites that I was browsing through, one of the many blogging sites I was looking through and I saw it and liked it so I snagged it :) And if you think about it, it makes complete since.  Life isn't about finding yourself, its about creating yourself. I like that statement.

What and why did I start blogging - The blog dare

What first prompted you to blog? Well actually it was my step daughter that got me into it. I hadn't heard about it until she brought it up to me and then I tried it and absolutely have been in love with it ever since!! I love blogging!! It gets things off of my mind and relaxes me.  Why did you create a blog? I have always loved to write. I liked writing in a journal when I was younger and then as I got older I wrote to pen pals and kept on writing until she mentioned the blogging to me and thats when I thought this is a great thing. Writing about whatever you want too on your own blog. And you have complete control over who sees it/reads it etc. Myspace was my first blog and then I moved on to blogger and a few others now. Myspace has changed up their site and things to where I don't like it as much now because you can't just blog for your friends or for your diary, you blog for whoever since their isn't a choice on there anymore which isn't cool. Or actually I

First Tuesday in 2011!!

So today was the last day that the kids were home for their Christmas break. Kind of relieved that they are going back Wednesday. They were really starting to get on each other’s nerves and mine! One of the good things that happened today was, well a few things. Leon went to work an hour early (no shocker there!! But while he was there he overheard the manager talking on the phone to someone about getting stuff out on the shelves etc and so they gave her 16 more hours on the payroll to get things done. That’s good because everyone’s hours were cut down to 33 a week for this whole month. So she asked him first if he wanted hours and he said yes. So instead of 2 days off this week, he’s getting one!!!! YAY! So he is getting 6 extra hours which pts him at 40 I believe or close to it better then 33 and that means that he goes into work Thursday morning at 6am-noon to help clean up the store. So that means that Thursday I will have the house to myself for 4 hours since the last kid leaves

Something I have to forgive someone for

I have forgiven my mother for the way that she treated me growing up. As a child my mother could be a good mother, she bought me things, the nicest clothes for school and things like that, but money can't buy you love. She physically abused me all through my school age years. She has changed through the years, especially in the past couple of years and now that we live closer to her, I think that that has something to do with it as well. I also think that with my uncle passing 2 years ago this coming February that that also had something to do with the way that she's changed for the better. Not only the physical abuse part, but also the not telling me about my bio dad. I figured out  that the man on my birth certificate isn't my bio dad, I had called the man that I didn't even know whom I was given the last name too was really nothing to me. I had called him after my grandfather passed about 10 years ago and he told me that he wasn't my bio dad and he gave me the

Weather for the next few days

Wednesday Jan 5 Details Mostly Sunny Hi: 54° Lo: 31° Day:  Mostly Sunny. High 54F. Winds NW at 5 mph. Air Quality:Good, UV Index:3 0% Night:  Partly Cloudy. Low 31F. Winds NW at 5 mph. 0% Thursday Jan 6 Mostly Sunny Hi: 52° Lo: 32° Mostly Sunny. High 52F. Winds W at 5 mph. Air Quality:Good, UV Index:3 0% Friday Jan 7 Partly Cloudy Hi: 55° Lo: 34° Partly Cloudy. High 55F and low 34F. Light winds. Air Quality:Good, UV Index:3 0% Saturday Jan 8 Rain Hi: 48° Lo: 42° Rain. High 48F and low 42F. Winds SE at 8 mph. Air Quality:NA, UV Index:NA 40%

Secret Single Behavior

This is the subject for today's blog. I am doing the blog dare for 2011 which is blogging everyday about a topic and this is today's.   Hmm, well its been a really long time since I have been single. I wouldn't really mind going back to being single some days!!   So the secret single behavior, I don't think that I had any secret behaviors when I was single. Maybe it was eating out more back then and doing less cooking then now or maybe it was spending a lot more time with friends back then going out and just hanging out with friends and enjoying the time together. I really don't remember any secret single behaviors back then....boring I know!

Blogging from Email

Testing to see if I can do this from my email, might be much easier

Mario saved by the baby did you watch the Finale tonight?

So I guess I watched a little tv tonight, honestly I don’t sit down in front of it that much. Heck I am so far behind on the 2 soaps that I use to watch its not even funny! Anyway, I have taken the time though for the past month or a little longer to make a habit of watching Mario Saved by the baby (love it!) and Bret Michaels Life As I Know It on Monday nights on VH1. Well since Bret’s show finale was I believe last week or the week before I don’t get to watch it anymore but I use to watch Mario right before/after it whichever order they came on in, they switched them around. Anyway so tonight was Mario’s show Finale. I can’t believe that his boss actually had the nerve to ask him about moving to NYC??? What on earth was she thinking?? Really does she not have a family? Or is she even married? Or have kids??? Mario had just brought the baby home and the boss calls him into her office and brings up the moving to NYC?! Really I mean how much of a witch could you be to want to even br

Day 3 - Truth Blog - Something you have to forgive yourself for

Day 3 - Truth blog challenge - Something you have to forgive yourself for. Wow, this one is kind of hard. There really isn't anything that comes to my mind at the moment that I need to forgive myself for. I am not saying that I don't have regrets and things, but really I don't know of anything to forgive myself for. I didn't drink, I didn't smoke, didn't do drugs, didn't hang out with the wrong crowd.

The Bachelor - did you watch it tonight?

Ok so I am watching The Bachelor. I haven’t watched it omg in like forever! I think that the last time I watched it was the first one that they did so yea its been awhile. Anyway I thought why not so I turned it on after seeing one of my friend’s stats on facebook saying something about it so I turned it on and have been watching it. He’s a cutie that’s for sure!! What I can’t get over is how obnoxious and rude some of the women are!!! One of them asked him to pinky swear that he wouldn’t break her heart!! Another one of them asked him to get on one knee and say will you marry me?! And then there is one that is referred to as the “vampire” girl that has fangs..for real?! What in the world is up with these ladies? And then the ones that are just outright BOLD and grabbed his butt and just omg I just don’t know its just craziness!!

The Morning Routine

If I don't do/have this in the morning, it offsets my entire day!   Well it use to be get up and grab a soda to start off my day, but since I have cut way back on my pops, I guess its taking a shower in the morning after the kids leave for school and then make hot chocolate or tea. Then I get ready to start work.

Goals to start off the new year right!!

So to start the New Year off right I have decided to make a couple of goals. To start off with, I am going to try to eat better. Along with eating better is making myself feel better by losing a little weight, I don’t want to go bananas and go all out..just want to start exercising since I am a stay at home and work at home mom I might as well put that wii fitness to some good use while the kiddos are at school. And I was also thinking about walking a couple of blocks a couple times a week with the kids but only when the weather gets warmer, I can’t stand to be outside in the freezing cold. So those are just a couple of the goals that I want to do and to keep. I have already cut way way back on my soda pop consumption and I am very proud of myself for following through with that goal J When tax time gets here I am going to be getting myself a new pair of glasses which I really need and I have decided to go ahead and get myself contacts again. After being without them for 15 years I h

What is a blog hop?

What is a blog hop? A blog hop is a linky list that is SHARED ON MULTIPLE BLOGS. When several blogs put the same linky list code on their blog, the exact same list appears on each blog. Blog visitors can submit their entries on any blog that contains the list. The entries will appear on each blog where the list resides. Blog readers see the same list on each blog, and can "HOP" from blog to blog seeing the same list of links to follow: BLOG HOP!

Ring in 2011 Blog Hop!!

Follow both of the hostesses, link up and follow as many blogs as you want. Let them know you found them through the blog hop. You can also grab the code from the linky to add to your own blog hop post! Easy peasy! So hop your way into 2011! Linky will be open from December 30th until Sunday January 2, 2011

Happy New Year!!

Hey there everyone!! I hope that you all had a great and safe New Year!! I had an awesome one, stayed at home and made myself a strawberry daiquiri, one for Friday night and another one for New Years Day!! I plan on keeping this blog updated on a daily or every other day basis. Have a great New Year!! Write more soon :) 

Day 2 - Truth challenge - Something you love about yourself

Day 2 Blog Truth Challenge - Something you love about yourself. I love the person that I have become. I use to be shy and not speak my mind, just put up with crap and put up with people basically pushing me around etc and thanks to one of my best friends for telling me to be BOLD!! So I listened to her and I am more of an outspoken person and one that doesn't put up with the BS anymore! I love the mom that I am today to my children.

The 2011 To - Do List

The 2011 To - Do List What would you like to accomplish this year?  What are the places you would like to visit in 2011?  What do you hope to check off your bucket list in 2011? I want to accomplish becoming an  Independent  woman again!! That is my number one thing to do for this new year. I want to visit a lot of places. I would love to bring the kids to the ocean and let them enjoy it and just take it in while they are still all at home before they get grown up and decide to go out on their own. Hmm, check something off of my bucket list..does getting a divorce count?