First Tuesday in 2011!!

So today was the last day that the kids were home for their Christmas break. Kind of relieved that they are going back Wednesday. They were really starting to get on each other’s nerves and mine!
One of the good things that happened today was, well a few things.
Leon went to work an hour early (no shocker there!! But while he was there he overheard the manager talking on the phone to someone about getting stuff out on the shelves etc and so they gave her 16 more hours on the payroll to get things done. That’s good because everyone’s hours were cut down to 33 a week for this whole month. So she asked him first if he wanted hours and he said yes. So instead of 2 days off this week, he’s getting one!!!! YAY! So he is getting 6 extra hours which pts him at 40 I believe or close to it better then 33 and that means that he goes into work Thursday morning at 6am-noon to help clean up the store. So that means that Thursday I will have the house to myself for 4 hours since the last kid leaves at 8 and he won’t be off until noon! YAY! I didn’t know about that until he unexpectedly came home during his lunch hour and told me.

Another good thing that happened today was that we got a package on our door today. It was from the Popcorn Factory. I have heard of it, but never ordered from there. Well guess what? My dad Bo, my brother Jared and my nephew Jaden got us a big huge tin thing of 3 kinds of popcorn and we love it! Carmel, cheese and buttered. That was so nice of them!! I wrote Bo and told him thank you. I know that he can’t work with him being sick and on dialysis and back and forth in the hospital and diabetic and all so he only gets the disability bless his heart but he spent money and bought us that for a late Christmas gift. He’s so sweet. I really do think of him as my dad.

Lets see then another thing that happened after Leon left for lunch, mom had called and said that Bo called and told her or reminded her rather of the Mega million lottery tonight and so she wanted the kids and me to pick some numbers and so we did . Me and Jessica ran out to wally world and turned in the change that we had, nearly $20 and went to McDonalds and got supper and then went to Love’s and bought $5 for the lottery. We didn’t win but oh well I will try again next week if its not won because that sucker is up to freaking over $355 million dollars!!!!

I guess that’s about it. Long day today, lots of chaos!


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