Something I have to forgive someone for

I have forgiven my mother for the way that she treated me growing up. As a child my mother could be a good mother, she bought me things, the nicest clothes for school and things like that, but money can't buy you love. She physically abused me all through my school age years. She has changed through the years, especially in the past couple of years and now that we live closer to her, I think that that has something to do with it as well. I also think that with my uncle passing 2 years ago this coming February that that also had something to do with the way that she's changed for the better.

Not only the physical abuse part, but also the not telling me about my bio dad. I figured out  that the man on my birth certificate isn't my bio dad, I had called the man that I didn't even know whom I was given the last name too was really nothing to me. I had called him after my grandfather passed about 10 years ago and he told me that he wasn't my bio dad and he gave me the name of my real dad. I did research and found the man and his family and found out that I have 2 half sisters and a half brother. I look like my dad and my half brother. I have come to forgive her for not telling me the truth behind all of that.

And I am learning to forgive her for giving me the ultimatum of marrying hubby or her taking my son/my first child. Learning to do that as each day goes by.


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