Mario saved by the baby did you watch the Finale tonight?

So I guess I watched a little tv tonight, honestly I don’t sit down in front of it that much. Heck I am so far behind on the 2 soaps that I use to watch its not even funny! Anyway, I have taken the time though for the past month or a little longer to make a habit of watching Mario Saved by the baby (love it!) and Bret Michaels Life As I Know It on Monday nights on VH1. Well since Bret’s show finale was I believe last week or the week before I don’t get to watch it anymore but I use to watch Mario right before/after it whichever order they came on in, they switched them around. Anyway so tonight was Mario’s show Finale.

I can’t believe that his boss actually had the nerve to ask him about moving to NYC??? What on earth was she thinking?? Really does she not have a family? Or is she even married? Or have kids??? Mario had just brought the baby home and the boss calls him into her office and brings up the moving to NYC?! Really I mean how much of a witch could you be to want to even bring up this idea to him “because its what she thinks is best for the show??!” No way!!! This guys I overwhelmed!!! He just got settled into their new home, he just brought his first child home from the hospital and then you lay this on him!!! I think it just sucked with the timing really really really badly!
And then he tells her well what if I tell you that I just can’t and then she says “well then we will have a problem!” well then you have a problem!!! I knew that he would do what was right for his two princesses as he calls them. And he did do the right thing, I just felt so bad for him being put under that much stress when like he said it was supposed to of been the best and happiest time of their lives and then she lays this on him! WRONG timing lady! UGH!
Ok so anyway yea that ticked me off I just couldn’t believe that she would seriously do that to him. And sometimes I know that people that are just everyday not celebs might think that we have it so hard b/c we don’t have money in the bank and didn’t just buy a brand new beautiful house etc etc but you know watching his show, he’s just a normal guy and you could tell that it put a lot of stress on him, so that proves it that celebs have stress on them too, we don’t know about it and don’t see it and yea it’s not the same stress as the rest of us so to speak but they do have a lot of stress on them too.

Anyway I feel for him but I am happy that everything worked out and he told her no and that Extra just moved across town and is interacting with the people and Mario is doing an awesome job as always. I have loved him for years from back when he was on Saved By The Bell as “A.C. Slater”he’s adorable!! He’s a lucky guy to have such a beautiful girlfriend and precious little girl.


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