What and why did I start blogging - The blog dare

What first prompted you to blog?
Well actually it was my step daughter that got me into it. I hadn't heard about it until she brought it up to me and then I tried it and absolutely have been in love with it ever since!! I love blogging!! It gets things off of my mind and relaxes me. 
Why did you create a blog?
I have always loved to write. I liked writing in a journal when I was younger and then as I got older I wrote to pen pals and kept on writing until she mentioned the blogging to me and thats when I thought this is a great thing. Writing about whatever you want too on your own blog. And you have complete control over who sees it/reads it etc. Myspace was my first blog and then I moved on to blogger and a few others now. Myspace has changed up their site and things to where I don't like it as much now because you can't just blog for your friends or for your diary, you blog for whoever since their isn't a choice on there anymore which isn't cool. Or actually I think that I set it in my profile settings somewhere for only my friends to see my blogs, but I still don't like it since its changed up.
So I have started using blogger. I enjoy writing on here about anything and everything and I especially love that I started out the new year finding a ton of mommy blog sites and never knew that so many were out there!! Its great to have other mommies blogging and I can read what they say and the same for them.
And I especially love that I found the blog dare that I am doing where you write a blog everyday for the whole year. Which isn't too hard for me, I usually write everyday anyway but now that it gives me a topic to write on, I like that too. So twice or three times the blogs from me daily are more likely. 
And that is today's blog dare :)


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