The Bachelor - did you watch it tonight?

Ok so I am watching The Bachelor. I haven’t watched it omg in like forever! I think that the last time I watched it was the first one that they did so yea its been awhile. Anyway I thought why not so I turned it on after seeing one of my friend’s stats on facebook saying something about it so I turned it on and have been watching it. He’s a cutie that’s for sure!!

What I can’t get over is how obnoxious and rude some of the women are!!! One of them asked him to pinky swear that he wouldn’t break her heart!! Another one of them asked him to get on one knee and say will you marry me?! And then there is one that is referred to as the “vampire” girl that has fangs..for real?! What in the world is up with these ladies? And then the ones that are just outright BOLD and grabbed his butt and just omg I just don’t know its just craziness!!


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