Enjoying a relaxing Friday night :)

So I am home tonight, as usual!! LOL..I had a busy long chaotic day today...thank goodness its FRIDAY!!!! I still have to work this weekend but I am relaxing and enjoying my evening.

Kids are in bed or at least in their rooms with the lights out being quiet. And I am drinking the last of my strawberry daiquiri.

I love posting in groups and commenting in blogs so I plan on doing more of that tonight before I call it a night and I love snagging and requesting tags so I am going to be picking some of them up tonight as well since I wasn't able too through out the week.

Catching up on emails and rewriting the articles tomorrow and Sunday...maybe another little drink tomorrow evening, we will see.

Its supposed to be icky out this weekend. Chance of rain and sleet and possible snow flurries Sunday evening/Monday morning, that should be fun!

Have a great weekend.


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