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Hubby is officially an Assistant Manager now

Congrats to hubby!! He came home and announced that its "official" he's now the assistant manager where he works!! YAY!

Drug testing for Welfare - what do you think?

Well personally I think that its a great thing. When you go out there in the real world and you apply for a job, nearly all jobs these days make you take a drug test in order to pass it to get hired, I believe that it should be the same way for any welfare recipients. I definitely agree with it and I don't think that its unfair to anyone. If your needing the help, ok fine then you should be willing to do a drug test to prove that your not doing any drugs illegally and you can get help.   I think its ridiculous that people can get on welfare and you can look at some of them, not all and but sometimes you can just look and tell that they are on something! I mean come on it doesn't take a brain surgeon to see some of the ways that some people look different then others (not prejudice) just talking about the way that people look/act when they are on something and know that they shouldn't be etc but they get away with it and still get assistance. That crap needs to stop!

Half of the month gone already!

I can't believe that half of this month or actually a little more of it is already gone!! Where has it flown too?? Then here comes next month and for me, it will fly by until the new year is upon us.   Next month, my youngest turns 13 right before Halloween and then its Halloween and Thanksgiving and then my middle son turns 16 YIKES!!!!! And then its Christmas and the new year!! Wow.   Well this year since I just found out not that long ago that Wal-mart is doing the layaway from Oct 17th I believe it is (on a Monday) until the week or so before Christmas on only Electronics and toys, each item has to be $15 and above to put it on lay a way. But anyway since they are doing that, I thought that I would try that this year  and then I can just go up there or online or however they do it and pay a little each week or every other week etc and by the week before Christmas have everything that they need!! YAY! So that's less stress on me since I sometimes have this thing abo

Segregation in Little Rock!!

First, here is the link so that you can read this for yourself. Now on to my opinion and thoughts about this. Really this is 2011, what on earth is going on in this country?? Is it me or didn't we end this stuff back years and years ago?? I think that its ridiculous that this is still going on and the thing that really gets to me is that their are a few schools  in Little Rock that get $70 Million dollars for the schools that are involved in the segregation!!! What in the world?? Really $70 million???? That money could be going to all schools here in the US not that much just needs to go to a few schools that is just crazy!!!! Maybe I am reading it wrong or maybe I just don't understand it but I really don't understand how anyone can be like that and have anything like this going on in the year 2011!!! I just don't get it or understand it. I think that this is ridiculous and I really