Segregation in Little Rock!!

First, here is the link so that you can read this for yourself.

Now on to my opinion and thoughts about this. Really this is 2011, what on earth is going on in this country?? Is it me or didn't we end this stuff back years and years ago?? I think that its ridiculous that this is still going on and the thing that really gets to me is that their are a few schools  in Little Rock that get $70 Million dollars for the schools that are involved in the segregation!!! What in the world?? Really $70 million???? That money could be going to all schools here in the US not that much just needs to go to a few schools that is just crazy!!!! Maybe I am reading it wrong or maybe I just don't understand it but I really don't understand how anyone can be like that and have anything like this going on in the year 2011!!! I just don't get it or understand it.

I think that this is ridiculous and I really thought that our country would do better. I thought that we were a UNITED country, heed our name UNITED STATES!! Doesn't that count for uniting people that live in the united states as well?? Guess not! Very disappointed in our government for allowing those schools to get so much for such a thing like that! Very disappointing!!


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