Half of the month gone already!

I can't believe that half of this month or actually a little more of it is already gone!! Where has it flown too?? Then here comes next month and for me, it will fly by until the new year is upon us.
Next month, my youngest turns 13 right before Halloween and then its Halloween and Thanksgiving and then my middle son turns 16 YIKES!!!!! And then its Christmas and the new year!! Wow.
Well this year since I just found out not that long ago that Wal-mart is doing the layaway from Oct 17th I believe it is (on a Monday) until the week or so before Christmas on only Electronics and toys, each item has to be $15 and above to put it on lay a way. But anyway since they are doing that, I thought that I would try that this year  and then I can just go up there or online or however they do it and pay a little each week or every other week etc and by the week before Christmas have everything that they need!! YAY! So that's less stress on me since I sometimes have this thing about going out or online ordering a month before Christmas and then risk the chance of things showing up late or stores sending me the wrong thing/size etc.
So I think that I have it all planned out...go me!
What are your holiday plans?? Are you thinking that far ahead now? Its really not that far away! Scary huh?!!
Have a great rest of the week everyone.


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