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What a slow week

This week has seemed to just drraaaggg on by for me. Its been a busy week but very slow. I have hired several people to help me with my recruiting. Very interesting in what some of the people say ... interesting..I still have a ton of job orders and more coming in weekly so I am still openly looking for recruiters to help me so if you want to work from home on commission or know someone that does, send them my way. Have them email me   Its supposed to storm tonight, hoping that it does, I love it when it rains and storms, nothing bad just storms a little. Tomorrow is going to be busy since I have a ton of things to get done both for work and other things like getting things ready for my daughters birthday Saturday....14!! Wow where does the time go??!   I hope that everyone has a great upcoming weekend..I know that mine will be good.          

Hiring Recruiters Today!!!

Good afternoon everyone, I am looking for recruiters to help me fill job orders. I have 100's of them that I need help with getting them filled. If you are an experienced recruiter or if your new to the recruiting world either way,  please send in your resume for consideration. I am hiring NOW!! TODAY!! The least that you can make with this position is $500 for a placed candidate that gets hired, most of the jobs are 2-3 times that amount or more. I am just stating the least so that you are aware that might be a couple of low ones but 95% of them are way more. This is a COMMISSION BASED position. I prefer that you live here in the US, speak/writer English and you are able to call US numbers in order to pre-screen your candidates. Part time or Full time is up to you, you make your own hours. If your interested please send me your resume and I will get back to you within 24 hours (usually way less then that) I am hiring daily so please send in your resume if you would l

What a Monday! Bunnie had her babies

My baby Bunnie (white calico) had her babies today. I got woke up this morning a little after 2:30 and she had the baby around 3:30 bless her heart…she had a heck of a time having it. It’s a white calico just like her...beautiful!! I noticed that about an hour or so later that she started having contractions again..I was watching her and sitting by her for a few hours literally…she’s my baby girl! Anyway, she was still having contractions by 10am and hadn’t had the baby yet so I got worried and concerned and so me and hubby loaded her up in the van and took her to the vet. We waited long enough in the tiny waiting room and then it was finally our turn! She was a nervous wreck in hubby’s lap but when she was on me, she was calm, cool and collective.She’s only 4 years old so she’s not a huge cat but not a baby either..she I swear is a human kitty!! She heard me and hubby talking about maybe having to do a c-section if she couldn’t have the kitten because if it died in her it could kill h

Welcome Back Kotter - Reunion on the Red Carpet

   Welcome Back Kotter Reunion - They sing the song on here :) They are awesome as always :) Love them all!! As  John Travolta 's character Vinnie Barbarino always used to say, "What?" "Where?" "Why?" Well, the answers to those questions are (a) a reunion of the  Welcome Back, Kotter  cast (b) at the upcoming TV Land Awards (c) to receive the 35th Anniversary Award. That's right. The Sweathogs will be coming together to reminisce about their days at Brooklyn's James Buchanan High when the hit '70s sitcom is honored at the annual event next month. However, while Travolta has agreed to attend, so far not everyone has sent in their RSVPs, namely… Mr. Kotter himself! MORE: John Travolta, Kelly Preston Show Off Son That's right, according to a press release sent out about the event,  Gabe Kaplan  is not listed as one of the cast members scheduled

Facts of Life - Red Carpet Reunion

Geri Jewell, Cloris Leachman, Nancy McKeon, Charlotte Rae, and Lisa Whelchel reunite for the first time in over 20 years at the 9th Annual TV Land Awards to accept the Pop Culture Award for " The Facts of Life ," the wildly popular '80s sitcom that ran for nine seasons on NBC. Kim Fields, Eastland's resident roller-skating gossip Tootie, arrived at the awards show late and was rushed through the red carpet. I think that they all look AWESOME!! I loved Facts of Life!! I watched it every time it came on. Loved it!! Wish they would come up with more good wholesome shows like that now a days! Maybe I could actually let the kids watch tv! Ha!