What a Monday! Bunnie had her babies

My baby Bunnie (white calico) had her babies today. I got woke up this morning a little after 2:30 and she had the baby around 3:30 bless her heart…she had a heck of a time having it. It’s a white calico just like her...beautiful!! I noticed that about an hour or so later that she started having contractions again..I was watching her and sitting by her for a few hours literally…she’s my baby girl! Anyway, she was still having contractions by 10am and hadn’t had the baby yet so I got worried and concerned and so me and hubby loaded her up in the van and took her to the vet. We waited long enough in the tiny waiting room and then it was finally our turn! She was a nervous wreck in hubby’s lap but when she was on me, she was calm, cool and collective.She’s only 4 years old so she’s not a huge cat but not a baby either..she I swear is a human kitty!! She heard me and hubby talking about maybe having to do a c-section if she couldn’t have the kitten because if it died in her it could kill her!! So when it was our turn we went in there and I put her on the table and she started having contractions after a few minutes (the whole time nearly an hour or so in the waiting room no contractions) then in the room she has the contractions a couple of minutes and one holler and out comes the baby..we already lost it (pure white with a little black on the end of the tail) Just happy that she had it and didn’t have to do the c-section. He made sure that she was ok and that was the only one left and it was so she had a total of 2 and that was it!! I can’t believe, I am happy though because she had me scared to death for her!! She’s my spoiled princess and I was freaking out hoping that she would be ok. thank goodness things turned out good for her. They gave her medicine and then we left. Brought her home and relaxed…my goodness what a day though…so stressful to watch my baby go through something like that and she has nightmares in her sleep and hollers!!! My poor baby girl Bunnie!


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