What a slow week

This week has seemed to just drraaaggg on by for me. Its been a busy week but very slow.
I have hired several people to help me with my recruiting. Very interesting in what some of the people say ... interesting..I still have a ton of job orders and more coming in weekly so I am still openly looking for recruiters to help me so if you want to work from home on commission or know someone that does, send them my way. Have them email me LandLServices@hotmail.com
Its supposed to storm tonight, hoping that it does, I love it when it rains and storms, nothing bad just storms a little. Tomorrow is going to be busy since I have a ton of things to get done both for work and other things like getting things ready for my daughters birthday Saturday....14!! Wow where does the time go??!
I hope that everyone has a great upcoming weekend..I know that mine will be good. 


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