McFlurry at McDonalds

It will be a good Christmas after all :)

Earn some extra money from home

Rough Weekend

CSR position at home - no fees! Training starts the 20th

Desktop finally bit the dust!

My daughter and I made our Thanksgiving meal today :)

One of my groups on Cafemom

Happy Thanksgiving!!

Went and saw Twilight Breaking Dawn

Casey Anthony adopted a baby girl in Romania!!!

Make some money with texting free

11-11-11 pretty cool date

Happy 13th birthday to my son Sean

Games I'm looking forward to coming out

Weather tonight

FIVE - on

Sharing a cool game on shockwave - no downloading

Another freaking train whistle blowing!!!

Train blowing its whistle after 1am!!

Facebook games - what are your faves?

Breast Cancer Awareness Month - Think Pink

Red River Rivalry weekend!! OK vs TX

Getting a lot of migraine headaches lately


Hubby is officially an Assistant Manager now

Drug testing for Welfare - what do you think?

Half of the month gone already!

Segregation in Little Rock!!

Wow Netflix loses 1 million customers!

101 year old woman gets evicted!!

Marriage - is divorce even an option??

Updating blog getting back on track

Are kids responsible enough for netbooks in high school?

Kids finally start school Monday!! YAY!

Did you know?

Last weekend in July

Last week of July!

Friday evening

In training class - changed the assessment

Training starts in half an hour!! YIKES!

Starting tomorrow its going to be chaos from here on out!

Power keeps blinking!

My training log in party tomorrow!!

Hubby going to college!!

Casey Anthony being released on the 13th of July son and hubby being silly

So the verdict is in on the Casey Anthony case - do you agree with it??