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McFlurry at McDonalds

I saw this in a cafemom  group that I'm in...And wanted to blog it  

It will be a good Christmas after all :)

  I hope that each of you have a wonderful Christmas. I wasn't really in the mood for Christmas this year because of all the stress and chaos and things going on in my life right now, but after talking to my mom and a great friend, I think that its going to be a great Christmas now. Me and the kids are going to see my mom this weekend, probably Saturday. We want to go see her new house and hang out with her for a little while and then I will go and hang out with a friend hopefully while in town for the day.   I am thankful and blessed to have the family and friends that I have. Lately I have been so stressed but I think that getting out of the house and out of town even just for the day it will be good for all of us.    

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Rough Weekend

Lets just say it was a very very rough weekend and so far its been a rough month....rough as in emotional and somewhat stressful. Bunnie had her babies..3 of them..none of them ended up making it because she had them too sad when there is nothing you can do to help! I felt and still feel so helpless. She was crying and dreaming last night she knows and misses her babies and then earlier this evening our little black calico we lost her as well...very very emotional since we are all such animal lovers.   Our icky neighbors next door got yet ANOTHER dog, well puppy (I swear whoever keeps giving them animals needs to be bopped on the head or something because they mistreat them just like they do the kids!!!) The poor little puppy is out there in the back yard tied up on the other side of the yard by the fence with NOTHING to get into or under and it was sleeting earlier and it was just a yelping and crying up a storm! We heard one of them crying and hollaring and went out t

CSR position at home - no fees! Training starts the 20th

if you are looking for a work at home position as a customer service rep, email me at this is a great position with training starting from Dec. 20th-Jan 27th I believe it is. The company will pay you your state's min. wage hourly. This is a position where you would only be taking incoming calls from customers. There isn't a fee for this job at all. You will be an Ind. Contractor. You will get an application, the NDA (non-disclosure agreement) and the background check. Seats for training need to be filled this week, so if your interested Please Email asap  

Desktop finally bit the dust!

Yep its desktop finally bit the dust and said goodbye! The dreaded blue crash screen with lots of white letters on it showed up a few times in the past week and thankfully last week after being hesitant about doing it, I got myself a laptop (twin to hubby's) So now I have a nice maroon Toshiba laptop that I am trying to set up everything on to continue to work on.  Thankfully the first time that it did it last week hubby got it to the safe mode and did the system restore and it worked but tonight it did it not once but 2-3 times and I did the restore and nothing worked it went back to the dreaded blue crash screen darn it!! Oh well time I moved on and went mobile apparently...anyway so with a lot of hesitation on my part on spending money on myself, I don't like doing it and especially around/during the holidays but like hubby said, no pc for me equals no work equals no money! ugh! So I did it and now I am thankful that I did!

My daughter and I made our Thanksgiving meal today :)

My daughter Jessica and I made the whole Thanksgiving dinner today. We  put the turkey in the oven a few minutes after 10. Then around 2, we started all the sides, she was a big helper and peeled all the potatoes and I cut them and she helped with the gravy and oh it was SO smooth and not lumpy like hubby's always comes out! LOL..we followed the directions unlike him!   It was all done and ready to eat a few minutes after 2 and it was delicious! The turkey was so nice and tender and brown..very nice 17 pound turkey! We saved what we could for hubby and put the turkey in the oven on warm for him when he gets home in a few minutes.   I wish now that I would of taken a pic of it it was so perty and yummy!

One of my groups on Cafemom

This is the link to one of the groups that I have made on cafemom. Its a group for moms of both boys and girls no matter what age. So please if your on cafemom stop in and join us :) I just started it a couple of days ago so were not that big and I don't do or allow drama, just a nice little group to discuss our awesome kids at all different ages ...

Happy Thanksgiving!!

Hi everyone, I hope that each and every one of you had a great safe and Happy Thanksgiving.  I am very very thankful for what I have, great kids who are now teens and not little any more. I have 4 wonderful teens, yes they are still a handful at times but I love them more then they will ever know and I am very grateful and thankful that they are happy and healthy. My family, hubby married to him nearly 17 years coming up this Valentine's day..yes we've had our ups and downs that's for sure but who hasn't right? So to celebrate our 17 years of marriage, were going to Vegas sometime maybe in March..we just have to figure that part out. We have a lot of things going on next year in the beginning of the year so we have to fit in the vacation somewhere! Its a Honeymoon that we never had but dearly deserve. I am thankful for the job that both hubby and I have, him working as the assistant manager and myself working here at home. I know that things are rough for a lot

Went and saw Twilight Breaking Dawn

Ok so me and hubby went to go see Twilight Breaking Dawn part 1 and OMG all I can say is that its flipping amazing and awesome! I would definitely go see it again and again if I could!! And in a way, I am glad that I waited to go to it earlier tonight instead of the midnight showing last night..they were packed! Well they were packed earlier tonight too. Absolutely no free seats not one in the whole room!  It was a great and amazing movie and I loved every minute of it!! Heck it even had hubby on the edge of his chair a few times, tears and made his jaw drop at least once!   Not going to spoil anything about the movie, but after it was done, stay for the shows a secret part of the upcoming BD part 2!   And then when we got up to leave and went out of the room, there was a group over a girl/lady and one of them crying and another one frantically on the phone saying she's unresponsive I can't get her to move!! We walked out, got in the van, drove 2 blocks ho

Casey Anthony adopted a baby girl in Romania!!!

Read this I am with the person in Romania saying that she shouldn't be allowed to adopt! UGH!

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I am really thrilled and excited and can't really believe just yet that Breaking Dawn part 1 is this Friday!! I have been waiting for so long and now that its finally literally around the corner its really hard to take in. I guess that I will be waiting until Friday evening to go and bring hubby and the kids with me to watch it. I thought about going to tomorrow night's midnight showing but then I thought it might be packed more then then Friday night so I will just wait...I can't wait though!! I haven't read the last of the books, read the first one and was hooked and then watching the movies made it all that much more. I watched the LA premier the other night on yahoo and that was fun to see them show up and spend time with the fans signing autographs and taking pictures with them..I even had the thought of moving to CA in my head there for a little while!! I looked and for a 4-5 bedroom in certain parts of CA its not that expensive, about the same as around her

11-11-11 pretty cool date

So what did you do today for 11-11-11? I worked half of the day and then I'm now relaxing this evening for a little while but plan on working a little more before going to bed. I need to do several things for my recruiters like update the job orders and post more. And I have a ton of things to print out, just haven't taken the time to do so yet and needed to go buy more paper but I guess I will just finish off what I have and then go get more. Thank goodness I bought up on ink when I did! Planning on doing that again soon so I will make absolute sure not to run out.   It was a nice day out today. They had a Veterans day parade, my daughter got to go to it during school so that was cool, the others didn't.   I went and got hubby around 3:30ish since he was supposed to be off at 3 but had to stay late and then took him to get a half price drink at Sonic and get him something to eat at McDonalds and on the way back home, about a block from home, ring ring he gets call

Happy 13th birthday to my son Sean

My youngest son is turning 13 today!! Can't believe that I now have FOUR teens in my house! They are all great kids, but sometimes they make me lose my hair with the fussing and griping at each other that they do! The joys of teenagers!

Games I'm looking forward to coming out

I like the games where you run around and fight like World of Warcraft, Divine Divinity, Everquest back in the day when I use to play it and Diablo. Oh and Guild Wars.   Torchlight 2 is soon to be coming out, I believe they pushed it up until Nov/Dec and its only going to be $20 so that will be good. Diablo 3, they had said this year but now they pushed it until the beginning of next year, so we will have to wait until then to play it. I am looking forward to it but not as much as hubby and oldest son. They adore Diablo, I can play it but not as much as they can. I am looking forward to it but I can wait for it with no problem..they are really wanting it to come out and wanting to get a chance to play the open beta but none of us has been invited to it as of yet darn it!   Guild Wars 2, I like GW, not too sure though when they will release it but I love it because its like Diablo but better but anyway its free to play, no monthly fees like wow and EQ.   I'm looking forw

Weather tonight

Tonight Tomorrow Tomorrow Night Partly Cloudy T-Storms AM Showers Clear 81°F 51° 69° 45° Feels Like:  81° Get FREE weather on your desktop Low High Low Past 24-hr: Precip:  0 in Snow:  0 in Chance of Rain: 80% Chance of Rain: 30% Chance of Rain: 0% Wind: From S at 7mph Wind: NNW at 19 mph Wind: NNW at 19 mph Wind: NNW at 12 mph Through 2am: Widespread showers and thunderstorms developing around 9pm. Mostly cloudy. Windy early. Temperatures falling rapidly into the mid to upper 50s. SW winds shifting to NNW at 20 to 25 mph. Chance of rain 80%. Thunderstorms. A few storms may be severe. Low 51F. Winds NNW at 15 to 25 mph. Chance of rain 80%. A few showers in the morning, then sunny in the afternoon. High 69F. Winds NNW at 15 to 25 mph. Chance of rain 30%. A mostly clear sky. Low around 45F. Winds NNW at 10 to 15 mph.

FIVE - on

If your a woman, I would recommend you to watch this movie. Yes its somewhat of a tear jerker, but seriously I think that every woman needs to watch it, even teen girls. Its something that everyone needs to be aware of. And breast cancer doesn't just affect woman, it can happen to men too, yes its slim but it does happen.   The movie was directed by several women including Demi Moore, Jennifer Anniston and Alicia Keys and a couple of others, just can't think of there names right now. Its a very emotional and touching movie about five different people.

Sharing a cool game on shockwave - no downloading

Another freaking train whistle blowing!!!

Its nearly 3am and another train is passing through and just a blaring that darn whistle!! What the heck?? Shouldn't there be some sort of "law" or something that they can't blast the damn whistles after a certain time or something!! GRR!

Train blowing its whistle after 1am!!

OMG!! If I wasn't awake right now I would of just gotten woke up!! A train is coming through town and blasting its whistle! What the heck? Really at 1:18am you really need to blow the freaking horn? Is that really necessary??! I think not!

Facebook games - what are your faves?

Awake and can't sleep since I took a mini nap earlier thanks to a you get on Facebook and play the games? If so, what are some of your fave games on there??   Some of my favorites are Gourmet Ranch, I think I'm at level 140 or so, absolutely love that game and have to get everything new when they offer it like the ingredients etc. I have actually spent $5 or so on the keys to unlock the ingredients! Love the game!!   Another favorite of mine is Big Business, I absolutely love that game too, always been one of my favorites and I have recently spent a few dollars to upgrade and get the place running faster and better and its working  

Breast Cancer Awareness Month - Think Pink

Since this is  Breast cancer awareness month, I will be posting some really nice tags that I have got and I am getting more. I didn't make them, not that talented, but I will share them on here.   Do what you can to take care of yourself.  

Red River Rivalry weekend!! OK vs TX

I can't believe that its this time of year again already! Its the big Sooners vs Longhorns weekend! GO OU!! We will win again this year. I love this weekend, its the only weekend I will sit down and watch all of the football game! I am not that much into football but I absolutely love this weekend!! GO OU!!   Have a great weekend everyone

Getting a lot of migraine headaches lately

I'm not too sure why but I have been having a migraine headache every day for the past week. They really suck having migraines and nothing will help but laying down with a cold wash cloth on my forehead and even some days that didn't help that much. Tonight I had to take Excedrin PM that knocked me out a couple of hours before it would go away. Hubby says its probably because I've got so much on my mind andyea that is for sure true, I have a ton on my mind but not really stressed about anything and that is usually when I get them so I don't know hopefully it will stay away and not come back for awhile. The weird thing is that its only on the top right of my forehead.. Have a great weekend everyone.


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Hubby is officially an Assistant Manager now

Congrats to hubby!! He came home and announced that its "official" he's now the assistant manager where he works!! YAY!

Drug testing for Welfare - what do you think?

Well personally I think that its a great thing. When you go out there in the real world and you apply for a job, nearly all jobs these days make you take a drug test in order to pass it to get hired, I believe that it should be the same way for any welfare recipients. I definitely agree with it and I don't think that its unfair to anyone. If your needing the help, ok fine then you should be willing to do a drug test to prove that your not doing any drugs illegally and you can get help.   I think its ridiculous that people can get on welfare and you can look at some of them, not all and but sometimes you can just look and tell that they are on something! I mean come on it doesn't take a brain surgeon to see some of the ways that some people look different then others (not prejudice) just talking about the way that people look/act when they are on something and know that they shouldn't be etc but they get away with it and still get assistance. That crap needs to stop!

Half of the month gone already!

I can't believe that half of this month or actually a little more of it is already gone!! Where has it flown too?? Then here comes next month and for me, it will fly by until the new year is upon us.   Next month, my youngest turns 13 right before Halloween and then its Halloween and Thanksgiving and then my middle son turns 16 YIKES!!!!! And then its Christmas and the new year!! Wow.   Well this year since I just found out not that long ago that Wal-mart is doing the layaway from Oct 17th I believe it is (on a Monday) until the week or so before Christmas on only Electronics and toys, each item has to be $15 and above to put it on lay a way. But anyway since they are doing that, I thought that I would try that this year  and then I can just go up there or online or however they do it and pay a little each week or every other week etc and by the week before Christmas have everything that they need!! YAY! So that's less stress on me since I sometimes have this thing abo

Segregation in Little Rock!!

First, here is the link so that you can read this for yourself. Now on to my opinion and thoughts about this. Really this is 2011, what on earth is going on in this country?? Is it me or didn't we end this stuff back years and years ago?? I think that its ridiculous that this is still going on and the thing that really gets to me is that their are a few schools  in Little Rock that get $70 Million dollars for the schools that are involved in the segregation!!! What in the world?? Really $70 million???? That money could be going to all schools here in the US not that much just needs to go to a few schools that is just crazy!!!! Maybe I am reading it wrong or maybe I just don't understand it but I really don't understand how anyone can be like that and have anything like this going on in the year 2011!!! I just don't get it or understand it. I think that this is ridiculous and I really

Wow Netflix loses 1 million customers!

Well for me, I am glad that they changed it because I wasn't getting or watching the dvd's that much anyway. I would have one on my list, get it and watch it and then watch the movies online and forget that I had the darn DVD of the other movie and end up keeping it for a few weeks or so and that was just a waste of time and money.   I can't believe that they lost a million customers though! Geez that is really something. I guess with all of the competition out there that is going on these days its hard but I didn't expect them to lose that many because of the price changes. I enjoy it the way that it is now and between Netflix and then renting the top movies at the redbox and watching movies on graboid which is one of the best things because you just download them once and then thats it and you have them forever if you want. I pay $5 a month and I have quite a collection of some of my favorite movies.   Netflix I think is still a good deal because I still go o

101 year old woman gets evicted!! This is just unbelievable!!! And the son is too blame! The house was fully paid off, she was living there 58 years and then HER son decides to talk her into signing the house into a reverse mortgage and took $32,000 that the son supposively said that he fixed the roof and 2 doors for $14,000 and the guy that interviewed him said well where is all the money and he said well its gone now that was back in 2003!!! What the heck??? Really?? And he was getting the eviction notices for a YEAR and hiding them and throwing them away so she wouldn't know and the lady was put out on the street corner and her medicines thrown in the dumpster and her sitting in her wheelchair ALL day long from 9am-9pm!!!!!!!!!!!! Really this is what America is doing to our elderly?? This is what a 65 year old freaking man does to his OWN MOTHER???????? He was supposed to be paying on it and doesn't!! What a complete jerk!!!

Marriage - is divorce even an option??

Well from what I just read that Will Smith said about it..maybe its not even an option for some...My opinion of it is this, why do you stay married to someone that doesn't make you happy?? Because there are kids involved? Well isn't that a good enough reason to separate or divorce because you don't want your kids seeing you not happy? Or maybe its better just to stay together and go through life all together and act like your a happy family when only you and your spouse and your children I'm sure know the truth.      Its hard in today's society especially when the economy is like it is and things are going up up up in prices like a gallon of milk or even a loaf of bread, the simplest things that we need and have to buy are going up in prices yet this country has how many millions of unemployed people in it right now?? And more to come! So maybe its better to stay together as a family and not have to pay 2 rents or 2 electric bills and just deal with each othe

Updating blog getting back on track

Good morning everyone, I have been MIA for a little while, well at least on here. I haven't been updating like I use too so I am going to get back on track and start updating daily or at least every other day. I want to get back into my blogging, since after all I am the Queen of Random :) Have a great day everyone and thank you for those that follow me.

Are kids responsible enough for netbooks in high school?

So I don't know but I am having doubts about this whole netbook thing. My kids are all teens, well youngest will be in a month and a half. And they are good kids, no trouble out of them or anything like that but they aren't all that great with responsibility of things sometimes. They have each misplaced there cells at one point, yes I know we have all done that but the point is that the schools are giving each high schooler (my son being a Freshman) a netbook and they are too take care of it and it is their's for the remainder of the time they are in school!! So since he is a Freshman, he will have it this year when they give it to him next week and have it for 4 years of high that asking a little much out of them to keep up with a netbook for 4 years and keep it with them acting like it was a million dollars or something I mean come on really? And they are going to be giving the middle schoolers there's next year. So that will mean that the 7th and 8th

Kids finally start school Monday!! YAY!

So this coming Monday my kids finally get to start school. I think that its totally ridiculous and just insane how behind and unorganized that they are with the schools here now.   They misplaced my son's paper so they said..but they didn't!! They just made us go up there and freaking sit there in the fancy fancy FANCY office that is good enough to have a huge flat screen TV on the wall but too good to have the old fashioned clocks on the walls!!! Yep not a clock on the wall in site! Instead they had a black thing scrolling the time, I didn't even see that but my son did. PATHETIC!!!!! And not only did the receptionist have a too much of a fancy freaking desk for a little counselor's office but she not only had a regular desktop PC with a flat screen big monitor but also a laptop!! Good grief!!!!! Then we go in the counselor's office and her's is the same way huge room, big shelves, circular desk, built in filing cabinets and a flat screen for her desktop

Did you know?

Did you know that the month of July and August both have 31 days? I swear I always forget that and think that its weird that both of those months right after the other have 31 days...

Last weekend in July

Last weekend in July, wow! This year is flying by...literally!   Its been a busy and chaotic month for me and my family. At the beginning of July, Leon started college and the following week I started my training. I have taken 3 assessments for my training so far and then next week I have 4 days of class left for the billing cycle and then I start taking calls!!! Nervous about it but I'm sure I will catch on after the first few calls..its nerve wrecking not knowing what they are calling in for. At least with some of the others I know what to expect, placing orders, checking status etc Then after a week I think that the training for the tech part starts on the 11th or so and that lasts a couple of weeks and then done. Then I will do the week of nesting for the tech and then I will take the Final test and start work with no more training! YAY!   My step daughter, who is like a daughter to me, got married this past week!! And not only that but they got a house too after a mon

Last week of July!

Can you believe that the last week of July is already here? I can't!! I am glad though in a way. I am sick of this month being nothing but 100+ temps ready for some FALL weather!   The kids are starting school in a few weeks, the summer went by way too fast I think. I have my middle son that will be starting high school which is unbelievable!! They built a million dollar new high school here and they are doing the whole "laptop" thing for all the high schoolers this year! So that should be interesting and not too mention that they aren't doing the classrooms, they are doing it to where its just partitioned walls!! Crazy if you ask me! But what can you really do?!   My daughter will be in 8th and my youngest in 6th. They are growing up way too fast! So I figure for Christmas the 3 of them will be getting cell phones since that is what they have each been asking for and that would be a good thing to get them and then if they show out or get mouthy

Friday evening

Leon actually got off of his butt and took his daughter to see the Judy Moody movie, never can remember the full name of it anyway so he took her and Jared and his friend went to see the last Harry Potter and the other 2 kids are here with me in a bad mood!! Chris is watching TV in his room keeping his distance and Sean is on the laptop until Leon gets home ...I am in a horrible mood!! Haven't felt good all day and now I really don't feel good and I'm drinking my strawberry daiquiri while on dinner break from training..shame on me! Whatever!

In training class - changed the assessment I'm in training an hour and a half now...she decided to switch to the mid of class instead of the beginning now b/c she needed to go over one more thing..which is taking forever to go over..ugh!!!! I am a nervous wreck and want to freaking take this and get it done and over with!!! I have other things to do make a nice and cold strawberry daiquiri!

Training starts in half an hour!! YIKES!

So the day is finally here!! I get to start my ATT training, I've been waiting and waiting and waiting for it and now that its finally here, my stomach is in knots! I am a nervous wreck about it! Its 6 hours a night, Mon-Fri and that doesn't include the "pre-work" that needs to be done daily of at least 1-2 hours!!! I can do it, its not that .. Its just damn there is a ton to learn in such a short amount of time, but I did choose the Super Fast class for a reason..I don't want to be taking classes for 2 months! So here I go...wish me luck!!!

Starting tomorrow its going to be chaos from here on out!

So in about 21 hours give or take a little I will be starting my training for ATT that I swear has seemed to take forever and a day to get here! I will be working part time tomorrow with my real estate job and then at 4 training starts until 10 6 hours of intense training..I know that I can do it, I am a little bit anxious about it all but I know that I will do great and it will definitely pay off in the long run and I am glad that I went ahead and did the fast paced course with the 6 hours a day Mon-Fri instead of the slower paced with only 4 hours a day Mon-Fri that would of last a lot longer and I want to get to working ASAP.   So in the midst of me working part time, training in the evening, helping Leon with his college and then next month preparing for the kids to start school and getting all there things together that they need/want and not to mention looking for a bigger better I am going to have my hands Full to say the least! I want to get us a plac

Power keeps blinking!

My goodness it was 104 here just a little while ago and now cooled off Yes being very sarcastic to a cool 100 degrees!!! And this is about the 3-4th time today that the power has blinked off b/c I am sure that everyone and there mother's are using the air conditioners and air to try to keep somewhat cool! I can't wait to move into a central air house..window ac's suck..never again!!!!!!

My training log in party tomorrow!!

I can't believe that its July already and that my log in party for my training for ATT that starts next week is tomorrow!! I have been waiting forever it seems like to start this class and now the time has come that tomorrow were having our log in party to make sure that we can get logged into everything which I have and then some. I like being ahead of the game if at all possible.   Can't wait to start class Monday evening, its going to be challenging sitting here from 4-10pm training but I know that I can handle it..its just going to take a lot of patience with the kids learning how to not come in here and ask me something every few minutes! Leon has been working days so he better get use to being here in the evenings and dealing with them because I won't be able too and he will have to be doing his college too. At least the kids are teens and not little kids so they can take care of themselves for the most part and don't need so much supervision from us as the

Hubby going to college!!

So hubby is going to college online to get his degree in Business. I think that its a good idea to get a degree in business since business isn't going anywhere. I am learning things too by helping him with how to turn in work etc since I have taken online courses before and know how to do things and am use to turning in things and going about it the way that they do, ours wasn't as easy as his is set up but it was the same steps and such..anyway I like helping him so thats a good thing. GO TIFFIN UNIVERSITY DRAGONS :)

Casey Anthony being released on the 13th of July

I don't know about all of your feelings but mine on this subject is that she doesn't deserve to get out for any reason. She's a liar and she's covering something up. She needs to stay behind bars but as the news has been saying, Judge Perry did what he could and gave her the max amount of time for each of the 4 little counts of lying to the police officer which was a year each I believe and she's served nearly 3 years or so and then for good behavior so they are letting her out next week on the 13th. I think its a shame. My question is, where will she go?? Will her parents just let her back into there house with open arms after all the trouble that the trial has caused both of them? the way that she accused her dad and brother of the molestation and the way that her mom lied for her and committed purgery just to say that it was her at home doing the searches when she was indeed at work. I wouldn't let her back into my house with open arms! But thats just me a son and hubby being silly

So were sitting here talking about naming one of our orange kitties, we had named her Garfield when she was a baby not knowing that she was a she and not a he. So now that she's older and we realize that she's a girl hubby said hmm wonder what Garfield's girlfriends name he sits there and looks it up on the net and turns around and says its Pene-lope (yep Pena lope) LMAO!!!! I busted out laughing and said how do you spell it? He said Penelope...I said Penelope not Pena lope!!!! And then my oldest son sitting on the bed said "Isn't that a fruit?"  and again I start laughing and I said son you mean Cantelope!! LMAO!!! Uh huh after the day that I've had I needed a good laugh and there it was!

So the verdict is in on the Casey Anthony case - do you agree with it??

I have heard about the case, I have watched some of the trial, not all but about half or so. Just a few things that I have heard set off alarms with me and said guilty but I guess if the jury comes back with 3 counts of NOT GUILTY for killing her daughter and 4 counts of guilty for the charges of falsifying info to the police then they heard/saw more then I did in the court room!!!   I don't agree with it. I think that she's guilty and I think that with her going out partying and not saying anything about her own 2 year old daughter missing for 30 days says it all....Guilty!! But apparently the jury didn't feel the same way...unanimously! I guess that her trunk smelling of decomposing smells of a dead body in it for the longest time didn't set off any alarms or questions in there mind and I guess that getting a tattoo on her shoulder saying the phrase in whatever language it was that means beautiful life didn't set off any alarms in there minds,