Wow Netflix loses 1 million customers!

Well for me, I am glad that they changed it because I wasn't getting or watching the dvd's that much anyway. I would have one on my list, get it and watch it and then watch the movies online and forget that I had the darn DVD of the other movie and end up keeping it for a few weeks or so and that was just a waste of time and money.
I can't believe that they lost a million customers though! Geez that is really something. I guess with all of the competition out there that is going on these days its hard but I didn't expect them to lose that many because of the price changes. I enjoy it the way that it is now and between Netflix and then renting the top movies at the redbox and watching movies on graboid which is one of the best things because you just download them once and then thats it and you have them forever if you want. I pay $5 a month and I have quite a collection of some of my favorite movies.
Netflix I think is still a good deal because I still go on there and watch movies and the kids like to get on the other computer or the Wii and watch movies on there too so its well worth the $8/month to watch movies online.


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