101 year old woman gets evicted!!


This is just unbelievable!!! And the son is too blame! The house was fully paid off, she was living there 58 years and then HER son decides to talk her into signing the house into a reverse mortgage and took $32,000 that the son supposively said that he fixed the roof and 2 doors for $14,000 and the guy that interviewed him said well where is all the money and he said well its gone now that was back in 2003!!! What the heck??? Really?? And he was getting the eviction notices for a YEAR and hiding them and throwing them away so she wouldn't know and the lady was put out on the street corner and her medicines thrown in the dumpster and her sitting in her wheelchair ALL day long from 9am-9pm!!!!!!!!!!!! Really this is what America is doing to our elderly?? This is what a 65 year old freaking man does to his OWN MOTHER???????? He was supposed to be paying on it and doesn't!! What a complete jerk!!!


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