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Only had 2 numbers in one row last night for the lotto darn it!

So I played the lotto last night..chance at at least $12 million dollars and I got 2 numbers on one row out of 5 rows! Darn it!! I think that I am going to start playing the same numbers every week so on Tuesday's and Friday's maybe one of these days I will win..never know! I can dream! So that's $20 a week on lotto with the extra ball choice thing on each of the 5 numbers for both games Tuesday and Friday..not too bad...I haven't played it but a couple of times in my life so I might as well start now.... Wish me luck!

Playing the Mega Millions lotto tonight...

I am actually playing the lotto tonight! I thought what the heck and bought 5 rows of the numbers and decided to try for it!! Who knows..   I know that the winning is 25 million I think or something around that..Heck I would be happy with even half of that! I would give some to my best friends and charities and then do what I need to do with the rest which would be put money in an account for each of my kids to go to college, then I would start looking for a house..big decision..I don't know if I would want to live here in this town or up and move to another town..I don't want to spend a ton on a house though..I just want a nice house with rooms for each of my kids like we have now but an extra couple of rooms for my office and another one for a guest room or something. Definitely buy a newer vehicle not a brand new one probably unless its really good on gas. I don't want to blow it all on stuff I want to get what we need and some of what we wan

Middle of the week and month

I can't hardly believe that this month is half over already! The kids last day of school is next Thursday!   This summer is going to be challenging that's for sure! I am going to try to get into my college courses for the summer but if I can't do that then I'm taking them in the Fall for sure. Taking Real Estate classes since I absolutely love the Real Estate field and the office part of it.   Messing around on here until my movies have downloaded..downloading about 4-5 or so of them..few new some old ones..I love my graboid   Trying to get my agents all ready for the upcoming classes. A few of them are ready and good to go for the classes on the 29th so not that much longer! But a few of them still haven't done the tasks that was listed for them to do so not too sure why they can't or rather won't just take the time out and get things done, not that difficult and if you plan on working at home you have to have the discipline to get thi

Hiring serious people for Customer Service jobs at home - AAA, Disney and more! NOT a biz opp!

Good evening I wanted to share this with you all and those of you that are really serious about staying at home and taking care of your kids but also working a real job but in your office that are SERIOUS please read below all the requirements and then if you are interested please email me: I am a staffing manager and we are looking to fill the classes that start on the 29th so that only gives us 2 weeks to get some great people ready for the upcoming training classes. Please if you have ANY questions, ask. Email me and I can send you the application and get you ready to interview etc. This is a work at home is NOT a   business opportunity . You will be taking training classes that are paid for but YOU must be serious and go to class at the times (morning or evening you choose) and stay in the class and pass it to get certified to work and then start making money. Here are the requirements:   These are the requirements we are looki

US Home Work Force - Check this out make $$$

Good afternoon everyone, Take a minute and look at this link...listen to the video. Its true, you can make extra money, I have! I have been working at home for over 10 years as a customer service rep and I have tried "work at home opps" and such and learned my lesson quite a few of them that aren't worth trying and others that are.  Well this is one of the ones that actually work and you can make money with it. Who doesn't like free trials?! I do!! And who doesn't want to know what there credit score is free or give netflix a try with a free trial? I do!! So just take a minute and click on the link and see what you think...


Good afternoon everyone, As you all probably know I am a stay at home and work at home mom. Well for one of the companies that I have worked for just recently I wanted to fill you all in on them so that they will eventually be shut down and stopped completely hopefully!! If anyone from the Resource Center calls you OR if you see an ad anywhere about a loan and promising to loan you money but for you to pay it back a little at a time etc...something that sounds too good to be true...DON'T do it! They don't want money upfront that isn't there scam, the scam is calling you getting ALL your information from you and then they will send you a "CHECK" but the thing is you won't get it until about a day or so before your payday then even if you don't cash it they will take the amount that you owe them out of your bank account the next day or two after you received the check!!! A customer received a check for $100 on Thursday, the memo on the c