Middle of the week and month

I can't hardly believe that this month is half over already! The kids last day of school is next Thursday!
This summer is going to be challenging that's for sure! I am going to try to get into my college courses for the summer but if I can't do that then I'm taking them in the Fall for sure. Taking Real Estate classes since I absolutely love the Real Estate field and the office part of it.
Messing around on here until my movies have downloaded..downloading about 4-5 or so of them..few new some old ones..I love my graboid
Trying to get my agents all ready for the upcoming classes. A few of them are ready and good to go for the classes on the 29th so not that much longer! But a few of them still haven't done the tasks that was listed for them to do so not too sure why they can't or rather won't just take the time out and get things done, not that difficult and if you plan on working at home you have to have the discipline to get things done! Have to have that Mindset or else its not going to work!


  1. Kudos to you Lisa! I don't know how you do it because I know that I couldn't possibly! I'd be in my pajamas all day!! And I'd be taking more than my fair share of breaks and tv watching! Keep up the phenomenal work!


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