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CSR position at home - no fees! Training starts the 20th

if you are looking for a work at home position as a customer service rep, email me at this is a great position with training starting from Dec. 20th-Jan 27th I believe it is. The company will pay you your state's min. wage hourly. This is a position where you would only be taking incoming calls from customers. There isn't a fee for this job at all. You will be an Ind. Contractor. You will get an application, the NDA (non-disclosure agreement) and the background check. Seats for training need to be filled this week, so if your interested Please Email asap  

Desktop finally bit the dust!

Yep its desktop finally bit the dust and said goodbye! The dreaded blue crash screen with lots of white letters on it showed up a few times in the past week and thankfully last week after being hesitant about doing it, I got myself a laptop (twin to hubby's) So now I have a nice maroon Toshiba laptop that I am trying to set up everything on to continue to work on.  Thankfully the first time that it did it last week hubby got it to the safe mode and did the system restore and it worked but tonight it did it not once but 2-3 times and I did the restore and nothing worked it went back to the dreaded blue crash screen darn it!! Oh well time I moved on and went mobile apparently...anyway so with a lot of hesitation on my part on spending money on myself, I don't like doing it and especially around/during the holidays but like hubby said, no pc for me equals no work equals no money! ugh! So I did it and now I am thankful that I did!