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Did you know?

Did you know that the month of July and August both have 31 days? I swear I always forget that and think that its weird that both of those months right after the other have 31 days...

Last weekend in July

Last weekend in July, wow! This year is flying by...literally!   Its been a busy and chaotic month for me and my family. At the beginning of July, Leon started college and the following week I started my training. I have taken 3 assessments for my training so far and then next week I have 4 days of class left for the billing cycle and then I start taking calls!!! Nervous about it but I'm sure I will catch on after the first few calls..its nerve wrecking not knowing what they are calling in for. At least with some of the others I know what to expect, placing orders, checking status etc Then after a week I think that the training for the tech part starts on the 11th or so and that lasts a couple of weeks and then done. Then I will do the week of nesting for the tech and then I will take the Final test and start work with no more training! YAY!   My step daughter, who is like a daughter to me, got married this past week!! And not only that but they got a house too after a mon

Last week of July!

Can you believe that the last week of July is already here? I can't!! I am glad though in a way. I am sick of this month being nothing but 100+ temps ready for some FALL weather!   The kids are starting school in a few weeks, the summer went by way too fast I think. I have my middle son that will be starting high school which is unbelievable!! They built a million dollar new high school here and they are doing the whole "laptop" thing for all the high schoolers this year! So that should be interesting and not too mention that they aren't doing the classrooms, they are doing it to where its just partitioned walls!! Crazy if you ask me! But what can you really do?!   My daughter will be in 8th and my youngest in 6th. They are growing up way too fast! So I figure for Christmas the 3 of them will be getting cell phones since that is what they have each been asking for and that would be a good thing to get them and then if they show out or get mouthy