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My weekend so far

Saturday, November 08, 2008 My weekend so far Category: Life Good early evening everyone. I hope that you all are having a great weekend so far. Mine is all right so far. I have some articles to write and a few of them by Monday morning at the latest and then blogs out the behind to do..woohoo I finally got paid today so I transferred it to my bank and hoping that it gets in there by Tuesday. Leon got up this morning and went and did his plasma and me and the kids relaxed. Its chilly out but the kids went out and played a little since its a little chilly but not cold. I hate the winter and I am not looking forward to it at all.   I am still upset over my uncle but I know him and know that he lives for his Lord and I am thinking that he knows the Lord will take care of him and if its his time to go be with him then its time and that's that. I really hope that he comes back here for the holidays though, at least Christmas so that we can see him and spend time w

Still upset, but doing ok

Friday, November 07, 2008 Still upset, but doing ok Category: Life Good morning everyone. I hope that you all are doing great and enjoying your Friday. I, on the other hand am still pretty upset about the news I got last night about my uncle but I will be ok. I just hope that he decides to come back home and stay with my grandma so that we can be with him as much as possible. They gave him 6 months.   Not doing to much today, I need to make a few phone calls and hope that the lady that was supposed to of paid me on Wednesday pays me today. I haven't seen her online yet and that makes me nervous b/c she said that I should get it today. I need to take it and pay on my cable so I don't have to stress anymore about it.   Its nice out today, sunny and nice, it was a little cooler this morning. I have a lot on my mind but I think that I need to relax for a little while and get my mind clear and then do my work or I am not going to be good at it. I am thinki

My day of very mixed emotions

Thursday, November 06, 2008 My day of very mixed emotions Category: Life Today was alright until earlier tonight and the blog about that is the one before this one, finding out that my uncle has cancer..horrifying! This morning me and hubby got out and went and got my money from western union then we went and paid the electric bill. We went to wally world and got a $1 double cheeseburger and fries at the McD's in wally world. We went shopping and spent about $30 on a few things and then hopped the bus and came home. Not to much else wnt on. I took a nap and woke up in pain! There was a stinging feeling inside of me and it felt like something was pullying my belly button but it was on the inside of me. I coudln't feel anything move, just a pulling on my belly button and it was a stinging but it hurt feeling. That is how I woke up, so yea fun! I called Sandy and said what in the world does this sound like to you and told her the feeling and she said your pg

Life is so unfair to good people, I just found out my uncle has cancer

Life is so unfair to good people, I just found out my uncle has cancer Current mood: sad Category: Life Good evening everyone. Our night was going fine, we were spending family time after we ate spaghetti for supper and we were playing with the kittens and then survivor was coming on so we were doing alright and enjoying time together just talking etc and then the phone rings, Jared looks to see who it is and its my mom, he answers it and I come in here and talk to her and she tells me that my uncle Bobby has cancer!!!! And not only does he have cancer, the doctors gave him 6 months!!!!!!!! She said that the other day he was hurting so he went in to the dr and then they decided to do some tests and I guess yesterday or today they put him in the hospital and told him that they found cancer on his liver. They did a colonscopy and found a big thing of cancer all over his colon no way to save it and it was making it spread other places in him. Then she said that it had


Thoughts Category: Life I have gotten plenty on my mind these days. Some good and some stressful. I am thankful and blessed for the things and people in my life. I appreciate each and every one of my friends. I am doing alright. I was down there for awhile but I am ok now. I know that things will get better, might take a little while but they will. I think once we get moved out of this house and situated that we will be better. I think that we just need to get out of this house and out of the neighborhood preferably. Its not the best in the world and has gone downhill since the 2 years that we've been here. We just need to get in a better place to where I don't hear a story in the freaking paper saying that basically 2 blocks away there has been a shooting!!! Missing 2 little girls while sleeping 6 inches from there heads! That just really really got to me and I think thats one of the biggest reasons I want out of the neighborhood. I use to feel safe and f ine