My weekend so far

Saturday, November 08, 2008

My weekend so far
Category: Life

Good early evening everyone. I hope that you all are having a great weekend so far. Mine is all right so far. I have some articles to write and a few of them by Monday morning at the latest and then blogs out the behind to do..woohoo I finally got paid today so I transferred it to my bank and hoping that it gets in there by Tuesday. Leon got up this morning and went and did his plasma and me and the kids relaxed. Its chilly out but the kids went out and played a little since its a little chilly but not cold. I hate the winter and I am not looking forward to it at all.
I am still upset over my uncle but I know him and know that he lives for his Lord and I am thinking that he knows the Lord will take care of him and if its his time to go be with him then its time and that's that. I really hope that he comes back here for the holidays though, at least Christmas so that we can see him and spend time with him.
I feel pretty good today, besides another tooth ache, I am doing fine. I am relaxing to for now but fixing to get started on my articles pretty soon since I only have 3-4 to do and then tomorrow ALL day I will be blogging up a storm so that I can make sure that I get in my 60 a day this week and get my money the week after next. I need that money, I was wanting to use it for the kids Christmas. But some of it maybe half needs to go on next months electric bill which they slowly but surely raised on us. It was $70 last winter and now its freaking $155 and then next month $200!! And were on the average monthly thing and have been using everything the same and turning off lights etc  and its still going sucks!
President elect Obama gave his first press conference yesterday and he said that he hopes to get a stimulus package passed before his first day as president but if it doesn't, then that will be the first thing that he does when he gets into office. He knows and understands that the main street (all of us) are the ones that need the help not the big corps. Its ridiculous  how the banks and places are closing when I thought that the $700B bailout plan was supposed to help the bank and big companies..what happened? Didn't work like they thought? Hmm, don't figure and know why! HA! That was stupid for them to give any money to the big corps!
I have SO much on my mind right now its just overwhelming with things to write about. I need to write my articles, I need to start on my daily 60 blogs tomorrow, I need to make sure Leon goes and pays the water Tuesday morning. I need to call my uncle sometime in the hospital and make sure hes all right. I was thinking about ordering more pg tests but have decided against it and will see if Sandy sends me the 2 tests that she said she would and then by the mid-end of this month if I haven't started which I am nearly positive that I won't b/c my monthly is between the 27th and 1st and another month has come and gone and no period so not to sure what else the deal could or would be..its stressful not knowing positively b/c I don't want something else to go wrong. So that's on my mind and then my family omg I don't want them to know at all!! Because I don't know what they would say and I honestly just outright DONT want to hear it! I want another job that I am doing to come through and to pay me through direct deposit and if that happens then the kids will have a kick ass Christmas and we will be moving first thing on New Years! I want a bigger and better house and were seeing houses all around here with for rent signs so I am hoping that we can get a descent nice and big house with 4 bedrooms or one iwth a built in garage or one with 2 living areas etc b/c I don't want to deal with the 3 bedroom anymore! I want Chris and Sean to share and Jesse still to have her own room and Jared to have his own since he is fixing to be 16 he needs his space and privacy etc and that's my goal to get them having there rooms like that. We will see how the other position does this upcoming week. They paid me pretty fast last week so I am thankful for that. I hope that they will pay fast with the other position and find clients for me fast so that I can do the work and get it done.
I need to update my sites. I need to update Y360 and my multiply site. My blogger site to. I have updated a little of it but not all and I need to make sure all the links and banners work so that I can start advertising them. I need to just update everything.
I have a huge to-do and get done list. Not to sure how much I'm going to get done but I'm gonna try to get a little done. I hope that everyone has a great and safe weekend