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Last weekend for this October in 2007

Last weekend for this October in 2007 Oct 27, '07 11:16 PM for everyone Good evening everyone. I hope that you all had a great last weekend in October. I can't believe that November is just a few days away and Halloween is creeping upon us. I haven't felt that good yet again today. I called my mom at 11 this morning just to see if they were coming or not and they aren't so that was that. It was a relief sorta b/c I just didn't feel like visiting with them and so that was stress off of me. Its always stress when they mention coming up here to visit. I was supposed to have a friend come by this afternoon to, but things came up and that was canceled as well.I have a feeling that one wasn't telling the whole truth, I HATE being lied to but what can you do!?? Just go on with your life is all, so thats what I am doing. I watched some movies on Lifetime today. They were all pretty good for the few that I watched. The Good Teacher something another was the last one

Last Saturday of Oct 2007

Last Saturday of Oct 2007 Oct 26, '07 11:31 PM for everyone Good evening everyone. I hope that you all are having a great day/evening/weekend. I, on the other hand am cranky and grouchy. I am just not feeling to good and have had a headache since I woke up this morning. I took a nap after taking some pills for the headache and just woke up a few minutes ago or rather an hour or so ago and watched tv and I am still cranky and moody and just don't feel good at all. Not sure whats wrong. I am thinking that it might could be stress when I worry to much and don't eat enough and have headaches its usually stress. I don't know if my mom and step dad are coming down tomorrow or not and maybe thats part of it b/c then we have to really clean the house so that I don't have to listen to her gripe about the house. I am hoping that they don't come. I don't want to deal with her and a I have a friend that is supposed to be coming over tomorrow afternoon so I will deal

Last Friday in October for 2007

Last Friday in October for 2007 Oct 25, '07 11:39 PM for everyone I have so much on my mind today that its hard for me to sit here and think straight!! To start out the day, my alarm, yet again didn't go off BUT I woke up at 6:30 so that saved Jared from having to walk to school!! So he got up and got ready and made it to the bus stop in time at 7. The other kids got up and ready and got off safely to school. The phone rang a few minutes after 8, it was Sandy we talked for a few minutes then I let her go and then called her back. After we got off the phone, the school that Chris goes to called, good news (THANK GOODNESS!!) the counselor just wanted to ask me about something so no real big deal. She just wanted to let me know that she was sending an envelope home with Chris today. So thats a good thing. Then me and Sandy talked for a little while longer. We got off of the phone, then Lori, one of my best friends/sisters called and wanted to make sure that I was ok and we talk