Last weekend for this October in 2007

Last weekend for this October in 2007Oct 27, '07 11:16 PM
for everyone

Good evening everyone. I hope that you all had a great last weekend in October. I can't believe that November is just a few days away and Halloween is creeping upon us. I haven't felt that good yet again today. I called my mom at 11 this morning just to see if they were coming or not and they aren't so that was that. It was a relief sorta b/c I just didn't feel like visiting with them and so that was stress off of me. Its always stress when they mention coming up here to visit. I was supposed to have a friend come by this afternoon to, but things came up and that was canceled as well.I have a feeling that one wasn't telling the whole truth, I HATE being lied to but what can you do!?? Just go on with your life is all, so thats what I am doing.
I watched some movies on Lifetime today. They were all pretty good for the few that I watched. The Good Teacher something another was the last one that I watched and it was excellent. I think that I have seen it before but, since its been awhile I didn't remember it so it was nice to watch it and not remember it.
My kids got there report cards last week and they did pretty good. Jared got his Friday, he did excellent so I am proud of him. My mom promised him $100 for the A Honor Roll so we told her Friday that he got it so they are sending that with Sean's birthday money priority so we should get it Wednesday Halloween, yay by that time all the costumes should be nice and gone. So they might not go trick or treating I don't know for sure yet, Leon doesn't think that they need to go since we don't know the neighborhood and b/c we know whats across the street from us which means that there could be more like that around here and we just don't realize or know it.
So thats about it, quiet and cool outside weekend, so the kids stayed in most of it. I don't need them going outside and getting a cold or sick. I hope that you all had a great weekend and enjoyed it. Have a wonderful upcoming week.


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