Last Friday in October for 2007

Last Friday in October for 2007Oct 25, '07 11:39 PM
for everyone
I have so much on my mind today that its hard for me to sit here and think straight!! To start out the day, my alarm, yet again didn't go off BUT I woke up at 6:30 so that saved Jared from having to walk to school!! So he got up and got ready and made it to the bus stop in time at 7. The other kids got up and ready and got off safely to school. The phone rang a few minutes after 8, it was Sandy we talked for a few minutes then I let her go and then called her back. After we got off the phone, the school that Chris goes to called, good news (THANK GOODNESS!!) the counselor just wanted to ask me about something so no real big deal. She just wanted to let me know that she was sending an envelope home with Chris today. So thats a good thing. Then me and Sandy talked for a little while longer. We got off of the phone, then Lori, one of my best friends/sisters called and wanted to make sure that I was ok and we talked for a few about the trip to Vegas in 2 weeks from tomorrow!!!! WOOHOO! Im excited, I am, a little nervous, the first time I was on a plane was 4 years ago on my 30th bday with Lori and the 2nd time lol was with her on the way home so I was fine since I was with her it was more comfortable. Now I am hearing things on the news about some explosion gernade thing at the something consulet building in NY or something like that. Then I heard that some dude had bomb pieces or something in the soles of his shoes on a plane!!!! Then they mentioned somewhere being shut down in Massachusetts I thought they said, but not sure, the tv is in the other room and Im in here but I heard shut down and Massachusetts, so thats NOT good b/c I could of sworn they said airport so that doesn't help me right now! I honestly am considering driving to Vegas its only about 16 hours and that would take 2 days or so and thats fine with me. I would get there late Sat night anyway on the plane so I could drive and leave Fri morning and stop at 7 or so spend the night and then get up and finish the drive and check in. I so much want to drive but since I don't have my car and I am not to sure that I could afford the renting a car for the days that I would be there so I don't know...but the thought sure was in my mind very strongly!
So I have the drive, plane and bombs on my mind. I was listening to the fires and things so thats on my mind. I can NOT believe that they have only 15% of one of the fires under control. I think that they might of mentioned 30% of another one under control but dang! How long have they been burning now...nearly a week and thats just horrible to have only 15% done! I know that its hard out there and they are doing there best, I don't doubt that at all but geez! Over 1500 houses destroyed over half a million people evacuated and still 13 I think it is fires still going on...HORRIBLE! They are saying some of them are arson and put up a big reward which is nice if anyone saw anything I hope to goodness they start telling the authorities b/c that is just INSANE! Hubby said how do we know that its not a terroist starting the fires! Which is true, we don't know who the heck would do that to all those innocent people and all there things gone in a minute! Just glad to hear that only 2 fatalities. I hate to hear about any, but at least its only 2 ... still horribly horribly sad.
Then they are talking about the president things and what hes doing and not doing and this that and the other and then of course the running candidates of the 2008 thing. GOOD LORD! I just got over heated with to much news today!!
I know that I can't drive to Vegas but I tell you, if I had the money and a nice car I would be gone! I won't leave here til 4 I think it is and then go to DFW and then to Las Vegas and won't get there til 9 or 10 so thats late...but I will be wanting to get up the next morning and go go go and see things and have fun.j I just hope that me and Lori can go out by ourselves and have fun and then the next day with her mom and step dad. I can't wait...Im excited...thrilled!!!! Sean, isn't to happy on the other hand...he doesn't want me going of course, he doesn't want me to go to the store down the road must less go in a taxi to go on a plane to another state for 4 days. Then on the 12th I will be up early early to the airport since I believe that my plane leaves at 8 or so in the morning...ick..not a morning person..but its cool I am sure I can handle it.
I am wanting to get another memory card for my cam, but I think that I just need to erase all the ones on there after they are on the pc and then buy and bring batteries and that should be fine to take I think 100 pics. I will be having a ton to blog about when I get home thats for sure!! Can't wait!!!
Since I leave out on a Saturday afternoon and not a school day, I told Leon that he needs to take the kids to the park, even if its a little chilly just to get Sean away from the house for me to leave so he doesn't know if it comes to him having to much of a fit....I hope he doesn't but I don't' know how he will act.
There is still tons more on the brain, the little one that i got sure can hold a ton of info! lol..anyway, so I will write more here in a little while.


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