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PlanetBase and other games

This is a game that I just recently got myself for my birthday last weekend and I am absolutely 100% completely ADDICTED to it! You land on a planet and you build your base/city and it's so cool that I fell in love with it the first time I played it. Although I must admit here lately I have a habit of going on YouTube and checking out actual game-play videos of the games that I'm interested in so I know what its like and if its really interesting to me or if its something that I don't like etc. Because sometimes just reading what they are and actually "seeing" what they are can be completely not what you think it is. So that is what I've been doing lately when I see or hear of a game that is interesting to me. And I'm also (maybe if I can figure out how too??) considering doing my own game videos. I would absolutely love to share some of my favorite games that I like to play now and again. My favorite types of games are the city-building ones such as S

Hobbies and time to Relax

So tonight while I'm sitting here working (very slllooooow night) so I decided to not worry so much about doing other work related things while waiting on calls to come in and decided to think of instead what do I want to do that is relaxing? Well for me, sometimes its a nice long relaxing bath and other times its just relaxing vegging out on the couch watching HGTV and LMN all day! But this time I'm into playing games. I love computer games, I like playstation 3 games as well but right now I'm more into playing my computer games since I can sit in here and put on the headset turn up the Spotify playlist and just relax for awhile listening to music and losing myself in a game. What do you do to relax and get away from the everyday life of stress and things? Do you like to play games? Read? Share your relaxing things with me :) I would love to go and lay in that hammock and relax on the beach. One of these days we will but, for now its just a growing list of I

Families of prisoners are the forgotten victims....

This is something that I shared on my Prison Wives Unite Fanpage on Facebook as well but I wanted to share it on here as well and see if anyone else would like to comment and share an opinion, so please feel free to comment... So true!!!! We are the ones out here and yes we have our freedoms BUT we are also the ones that have everything put on us, we have to manage all the money, the bills, the kids, the job/work and not forget we have to also take care of our loved one on the inside by putting money on the phone so we can keep in touch, putting money on the books so they can enjoy a little bit of things such as essentials like soap and shampoo etc and let's not forget the visits, the money to get  there and visit and the gas and money it takes to do those things....I believe that our country should do more of each individual persons case differently not just because they fall in this or that category do this much time etc. Because for some of us they are first time offen

MIA for awhile but now I'm back!

So it's no secret that I've been MIA for a little while and the truth is that I've been working it seems like non-stop to get things where I want them to be but, as we all know I'm sure things don't always go and work out the way that you want or need them too right? So with that being said I have decided to NOT neglect my blog any further!!! I am getting back into my blogging and I am going to try my best to not only be better at what I do with my blog but to stay up to date on here and get more active and involved in things. As you all probably know I'm a woman who just had a birthday....nope not saying my age! LOL...let's just say I am 40 ish and I want to stay that way! I am a strong and very independent woman that is on my own and loving it! Yes, its challenging at times but, really what would life be without a few challenges for us thrown into the mix? It'd be boring that's for sure!! I am a very strong and Independent woman that w