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This is a game that I just recently got myself for my birthday last weekend and I am absolutely 100% completely ADDICTED to it! You land on a planet and you build your base/city and it's so cool that I fell in love with it the first time I played it. Although I must admit here lately I have a habit of going on YouTube and checking out actual game-play videos of the games that I'm interested in so I know what its like and if its really interesting to me or if its something that I don't like etc. Because sometimes just reading what they are and actually "seeing" what they are can be completely not what you think it is.

So that is what I've been doing lately when I see or hear of a game that is interesting to me. And I'm also (maybe if I can figure out how too??) considering doing my own game videos. I would absolutely love to share some of my favorite games that I like to play now and again.

My favorite types of games are the city-building ones such as Sim City which I haven't played in awhile but I love it! I also love Sims 4 but refuse to buy any of the "expansions" for full price! I will wait until they have a sale and get them for 1/2 price or less! And then I like games like Guild II Renaissance which is an awesome game! I am completely ADDICTED to it as well!! When I get on that one and play I swear it will seem like an hour and I'll look at the time and it will be late at night or early in the morning! Yep time can get away from me now and again!

So I might look more into the doing the videos of the games that I play just to share and do things. I love bragging about them. I'm not fantastic at them but, I like to think that I'm pretty good at some of them :)

Banished is another one of my favorites that I can't seem to get enough of. It's like the game that just came out actually today the 25th called Villagers. And I've watched gameplay and I love it b/c it does remind me of Banished but, in another sense I hear and see the reviews that some aren't all that great and say that its a rip off crappier version of Banished etc. So the reviews are really mixed.

And I'm going to try a game or rather a series of games called "Anno" they have several actually and I'm starting with Anno 1404. I'm actually waiting for it to download right now...taking a little while so it must be a bigger game as it usually doesn't take too long for games to download. 

I'm debating back and forth with myself on whether or not to get Villagers. I love the game-play regardless of a few snags/bugs etc. I am wanting so badly (noticed this game a few weeks back and then I knew or rather found out that it would be released today and I was going to get it for myself as my birthday present but being that I was completely impatient and I was considering a different type so to speak of game for me (space building) I decided to go ahead and get it and ended up loving it so now I'm to the point of debating with myself on rather I should or need the game Villagers and after reading the mixed reviews that just makes me question it more but, on the other hand I've gotten games before where it was negative or mixed reviews and I ended up liking it so it doesn't always pay to read and decide on others thoughts at least on games. So we will see but I will make up my mind this way or the other!

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