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Nielsen TV surveys in the mail

Do you ever get the Nielsen Tv surveys in the mail? I got one today, and it was only $2, it use to be $5 or more! I guess they are cutting back too! Crazy. I always fill it out and especially now since you can fill it out online too and don't have to mess with sending it in.   I like doing surveys and I am going to try, keyword "try" to get back into doing more surveys and get some more extra money coming in soon.

Click & donate

Have you clicked today? Go to TheHungerSite   and click today to help out. Its free so what are you waiting for?? And while your at it, stop by Care2  and click on there too and help stop abuse, hunger and other great causes.

Charlie Sheen and 2 and a half men

I like that show. I haven't watched it in awhile, haven't been keeping up with a lot of my shows like I use too. Too many other things to do and then I will catch up now and then on things when I need a break to relax and not think!   I'm not really clear on the things that were said between Charlie Sheen and the producer or director or whoever that decided to cancel Two and a half men during the middle of the season. I think that they should of held their tongues and at least finish out the season. Oh well things are in motion now as I understand to cancel it...ridiculous! I like the show and I like Charlie and yes I know that he's a mess and yes I realize that he does need some help but I also think that he's a good person and just needs a break from all the BS and needs maybe a vacation somewhere to think and reflect on his life!      

Barefoot Books

Are you looking for some great gifts for your kids or maybe your friends and family or grandkids etc? Check out this awesome site full of wonderful books!!

Update on New Job

So it looks like instead of me working for this company where they have clients like Turbo Tax, I will be switching to their client AT&T. So yea that should be fun!! I can't wait to start the orientation and then the training. I know that its going to be a lot of work and training but I know that I can do it. I'm a smart cookie, really I am!! LOL..If I can study and learn how to deal with comcast and all of their 50 screens and BS that they have to deal with...I can definitely deal with Att. So this should be really good for me. I liked the idea of Turbo Tax when she told me but then I thought about it and it might be slow at times so I was thinking hmm wonder if hours will get cut later on even though she said that it was a year around position and now that I am going to be getting certified for the att one..yea I know that they are always busy busy busy and thank goodness the company has taken on an English speaking company that hires Americans to take the calls beca

NO shutdown during a "government shutdown"!

Well I hope that you all already filed and got back your refunds if indeed you have money coming back because if you haven't then your not going to be a happy camper!! Looks like the IRS will still be taking payments that are paying in, but for the ones that they owe so to speak too...they will be put on hold! Isn't that just great! So that is what is going on today...the government of ours is shutting down lots of things and it will affect a lot of us. We were supposed to get our refund, didn't and won't for whatever stupid reason. Its just an all around crappy freaking MONTH!!! Thank goodness a new month is around the corner!  You can read more about the shutdown if you click on the title of this will take you to the site about it.

Needing a bigger better house

I know that this year is going to get has too!! But this month so far...just this month has really sucked..well until today getting offered a higher paid job and with more hours that are better for me rather then working all day and after the kids get home and then some weekends too...its just plum crazy to work all the hours I have been and get nothing extra out of it!   Anyway, so I got to thinking and hopefully my goal is to stay here in town, I love this town, but to move into a bigger and better house. Maybe even out in the country ... I love the country, nice and quiet and the kids and cats could roam and have fun .. We will see. Of course that would be a pain in the neck going to town and taking Leon to work etc ...hmm ok maybe thats a bad idea! LOL..but anyway I am going to start looking around. I have so much that I want to do this year and I am determined to get at least half of the things that I want done and accomplished!!   I think that it would be awe

New Job?

So I got a call today from a nice lady who was an hr lady with a company and they are hiring customer service reps to work from home and she interviewed me and it sounds like something I would like to do. The hourly pay is a little higher then the min wage here in Oklahoma and its a pretty much full time job, min is 30-35 hours with you being able to put in more if you like. They have 3 shifts available which I love!! Anyway, I talked to her, passed the first interview with flying colors then I sent her the requested documents that she needed and then she had the hiring manager call me, he called later then what she said but that's ok, at least he called. So he called and basically passed the 2nd part of the interview with flying colors. I had to do the voice assessment test thing. It was too see if I could follow instructions....the email told me to say it one way and the actual recording told me to say it another way, but I went with what the guy told me to say and did it th

Organ-transplant system considering rules that would benefit younger, healthier people

Ok let me just say...I have a mixed emotions and feelings about this. I know people that have had the kidney transplants and other transplants and I know a couple that are waiting yea this is really a mixed one for me...   Read it for yourself and share your opinion if you like.

Are you Internet savvy, motivated, organized and reliable?

This is a position that you can do from home. I just started and its pretty cool. Be sure to go to the site and watch the video for all the details, and then if you're interested, Email me: Are you Internet savvy, motivated, organized and reliable?  We are in need of Internet Based Referral Agents. This is an easy, profitable, and very rewarding career. We provide you with the ability to grow and advance. • Get Paid Daily! • Training Provided. • Full-Time/Part-Time Flex. • No Cold Calling Or Selling Involved. • Need Computer With Internet Access. Apply @

Watched the Bachelor tonight - Brad met the families

Wow, that was an emotional show tonight, well at least I thought so. I thought that all of the family meetings went great but the one with the girl that works with dead people..which I don't have a problem with that really, but it did freak me out her going over step by step what she does and for him to be laying on the table where dead bodies had laid and talking about creamation etc...kinda weird..I thought that was the one that he should let go but I thought b/c I could see it and hear it in her father's voice about the family business and her taking it over etc etc and I think that he did the right thing by letting her go so that she could continue not only doing what she loved obviously but also to help out the family which they so much needed her too with the way that it sounded.   I can see him and Emily and I can see him and Chantel and Ashley, I just don't know she hasn't told him that she has fallen for him as hard as the other two I think have told him

Good Monday Morning

Good Monday morning everyone and happy Presidents day :) I got up bright eyed and bushy tailed this morning...not a norm for me!! I didn't have that much sleep either so I shocked myself this morning. I got up, started my tea on the stove, took Bunnie outside for her morning outing and took a couple of pictures of the pretty clouds in the sky before my camera shut off telling me batteries are dead! So that cut our morning outing short. 

Train blowing its whistle this time of the morning!!! REALLY!!!!!!!

I am up drying clothes that we did earlier at the laundry mat about 6 loads and the dryer is slow on drying clothes so I can only do about half a load for each almost hour and they get dry....Now that I am fixing to lay down and try to get some sleep the trains are coming through here and blasting its mother freaking whistle left and right!!!!!!!!! What the hell is up with that???!!!! Almost 2am and they are laying on the damn horns!!!! There should be a freaking law that during the week nights no whistle blowing after 10pm or so!!! Damn!!! And they aren't just blowing it for a minute...its constantly...blow...blow...blow!! UGH!    

Special Offers & Coupons from Febreeze

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Up to $39 in coupons from P&G

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Win a year of Tide!!

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Updated Freebies and Samples page

Good morning everyone, I was looking around some other mom  blogs and found a few new links to put up on my freebie and samples page so its updated now :) Freebies & Samples If you have any awesome coupons, deals, freebies, samples or other savings things that you would like me to add to my page, please leave me a comment or Email me

McHoppin' Monday's Blog Hop

I decided to join this moms blog hop :) And so can you. It wasn't me that started it, it was another mommy if you click on the blog title, it will take you to her blog and you can follow her. Love her blogs. Hi everyone! I'm starting my own blog hop... yes, I know I'm still a small blog, but I love the idea of the hops. I hope this gives my followers/readers an opportunity to meet each other and interact some more. And maybe catch a couple new friends too! I'm opening it up tonight and it will close on the 27th (one week from today).   Entry Instructions: To enter McHoppin' Monday's all I ask is, of course, you follow me. And since I'm still small, try to add the McHoppin' Monday's button to your blog in a post if you can. This way you'll help spread the word. Remember if you comment on other's blogs to tell you came from the hop and if someone comments on your blog, be nice and return the favor! :) Now get Hoppin'!!!

Do you love jewelery?

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Twitter - Blog Hop

Survivor - Redemption Island

OMG!!! So I missed the premiere of it Thursday night and then I decided to watch it tonight online. Anyway, omg I watched it and let me say that it was worth watching!!! It was awesome. Some of the things that went! And I absolutely am going for Boston Rob's team :) I don't like Russell...he just rubs me the wrong way! So I like Rob and his team. I don't like the guy Philip on that team...he can't a secret to save his life!! Its crazy! Anyway if your a survivor fan and missed the show the other night like me, go to the link or go to  and go to Survivor and you can watch the whole show on there. That's probably how I am going to have to watch it from now on because I forget and get busy and side tracked sometimes and miss things. I missed the Amazing Race premiere tonight!    

My son's first night at his first job

I am so proud of my son. He went to work at 5 this evening and worked until a few minutes after 9. He said that they put him on as a bus boy. At first there was 2 of them starting and both was the bus boys but then after a few minutes they put the other guy in the back and let Jared stay up front and handle the whole restaurant by hisself!! I think that it was a bad call personally to let a guy start the first night of work on a Saturday night, one of the busiest nights there is!! Good grief!! But anyway he did that and he gets paid every 2 weeks and tips are distributed out every last day of the month depending on your hours and such. So he only has a little over a week to get his share of tips which will hopefully be a good little bit for him. I know that he wants to get him an Xbox 360 so that's a pretty good way to save up for one with the tips and working. Not sure on the hours yet. He has to call in tomorrow at 3 to see what his hours are.   He said that one of the guy