New Job?

So I got a call today from a nice lady who was an hr lady with a company and they are hiring customer service reps to work from home and she interviewed me and it sounds like something I would like to do. The hourly pay is a little higher then the min wage here in Oklahoma and its a pretty much full time job, min is 30-35 hours with you being able to put in more if you like. They have 3 shifts available which I love!! Anyway, I talked to her, passed the first interview with flying colors then I sent her the requested documents that she needed and then she had the hiring manager call me, he called later then what she said but that's ok, at least he called. So he called and basically passed the 2nd part of the interview with flying colors. I had to do the voice assessment test thing. It was too see if I could follow instructions....the email told me to say it one way and the actual recording told me to say it another way, but I went with what the guy told me to say and did it that way. I already have my employee (Ind. Contractor is what I am) number and everything!!! I am soooo excited!!!! So I did the voice thing tonight and then I will do the background check thing tomorrow and then the orientation I believe is the next step.And then I do the certification for the company that I am going to be taking the calls for. That will last 2 weeks, training 5 days a week Mon-Fri for 4 hours a day..not too bad so that will be good.
There was 3 choices of scheduling to choose and I chose the middle one. One of them was 8am-5, then the 11am-7pm and then the 2pm-11 or midnight. Not too bad of shifts to choose from. So I figure that I can run and do errands in the morning and set appointments early in the morning and then come home for work. At least I will have these 2 weeks to train and get comfortable with it all and then start...I love working though...I enjoy the customer service work and the real estate work, still thinking at one point I might just go back to school and get my real estate license...still undecided on that one. Maybe go for something else first...not sure. I love working at home in my office though and with the extra money, looking for a bigger better house might not actually be out of the picture! Yay!!
My oldest son is going to be 18 soon and needs his own bigger room and I want to get a bigger house so that he can work and come home and relax in his own room and not have to worry about the other kids possibly getting in his things. We will see...


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