Needing a bigger better house

I know that this year is going to get has too!! But this month so far...just this month has really sucked..well until today getting offered a higher paid job and with more hours that are better for me rather then working all day and after the kids get home and then some weekends too...its just plum crazy to work all the hours I have been and get nothing extra out of it!
Anyway, so I got to thinking and hopefully my goal is to stay here in town, I love this town, but to move into a bigger and better house. Maybe even out in the country ... I love the country, nice and quiet and the kids and cats could roam and have fun .. We will see. Of course that would be a pain in the neck going to town and taking Leon to work etc ...hmm ok maybe thats a bad idea! LOL..but anyway I am going to start looking around. I have so much that I want to do this year and I am determined to get at least half of the things that I want done and accomplished!!
I think that it would be awesome to get a 4 bedroom house...I really want a 5 bedroom or well a 4 bedroom with an office because I really want my office out of my bedroom and in a room by itself and have just my office in there and be able to lock the door etc when I'm working. The kids are pretty good about not barging in with the door is shut, but I want to get more organized and you can only do so much in this room! That's one of my goals..


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