Charlie Sheen and 2 and a half men

I like that show. I haven't watched it in awhile, haven't been keeping up with a lot of my shows like I use too. Too many other things to do and then I will catch up now and then on things when I need a break to relax and not think!
I'm not really clear on the things that were said between Charlie Sheen and the producer or director or whoever that decided to cancel Two and a half men during the middle of the season. I think that they should of held their tongues and at least finish out the season. Oh well things are in motion now as I understand to cancel it...ridiculous! I like the show and I like Charlie and yes I know that he's a mess and yes I realize that he does need some help but I also think that he's a good person and just needs a break from all the BS and needs maybe a vacation somewhere to think and reflect on his life! 


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