Survivor - Redemption Island

OMG!!! So I missed the premiere of it Thursday night and then I decided to watch it tonight online.
Anyway, omg I watched it and let me say that it was worth watching!!! It was awesome. Some of the things that went! And I absolutely am going for Boston Rob's team :) I don't like Russell...he just rubs me the wrong way! So I like Rob and his team. I don't like the guy Philip on that team...he can't a secret to save his life!! Its crazy! Anyway if your a survivor fan and missed the show the other night like me, go to the link or go to  and go to Survivor and you can watch the whole show on there. That's probably how I am going to have to watch it from now on because I forget and get busy and side tracked sometimes and miss things. I missed the Amazing Race premiere tonight! 


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