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Blog Dare - Day 14 - How my children imagine I spend my day...

My children imagine that I spend my days by going back to bed after they leave for school. Sleeping half the day, getting up and sitting on the computer and doing nothing! Yet when they get home the laundry has been washed, dinner has been or will be started depending on what were having, other chores have been done and errands have been run and so forth but they seem to think I do nothing. I am a stay at home mom and love it and I am also a work at home which means yes I actually WORK or else they wouldn't be having cell phones and cable TV in there room because I pay for those bills and their dad pays for the basic bills. They act sometimes like they know and understand that I work at home on days that I get paid they seem to understand that but times where they just don't get it..they are teens now and I have been doing this for over 10 years, you would think that they would get it by now but I don't think that they ever really will unless they ended u

Getting my new cell - its an Android!! WOO HOO

LOL..yea I am finally moving up in the world and getting an Android!! Mine was plane jane that I had and didn't go online with it or anything just simple text/calls etc but this one that I am getting with US Cellular is pretty cool!! And hopefully I will get it Tuesday or Wednesday..I ordered it last night on the phone with them while calling in to check the status of the original order that I placed and she said that it would take 3-5 business day to just process it because its a web special thing and all that jazz and so she talked me into this phone which is a little better I guess then the one that I had picked out...this one has a camera on it (mine did too, love taking random pics  ) this one though has a cam with a flash she said so incase I want to see something in the dark and take a pic with a flash it would be good. Oh and the thing that I didn't know is that any of the "incoming" calls or text to the phone are free!! I didn't know that!! With my o

Kids at movies - Mirror Mirror

I dropped off 3 teens earlier to see Mirror Mirror..I hope that they are having fun and enjoying there selves...Its my daughter, her friend and my youngest son..I am happy to see them getting along (my daughter that will be 15 Monday and my youngest who is 13) because most of the time they are fussing about nothing!   I guess I will wait for Mirror Mirror to come out on DVD to see it or else go up there by myself sometime and watch it.   Its cloudy here today drizzling and wanting to storm hasn't yet but looking like it could at any minute!   Have a great and safe weekend everyone

Blog Dare - Day 13 - A day in the life of my child{ren}.

So lets see a day in the life of my children...they get woke up by me at 6 on school mornings, get ready for school and do chores, go to school come home do there afternoon chores, homework and then they get to talk on the phone or text or spend time with me doing whatever we decide to do. Like on the weekends we will have a movie night and or a game night where we play games sometimes on the wii and other times board games. They aren't allowed to go over to friends on the weekdays. And even on the weekend they are to be home before it gets dark and they are too check in depending where they are going and who they are out with. They have it pretty easy compared to some! I had a lot more chores then they do at a younger age then they are! And I didn't have cable TV and or a cell phone or any game systems to play and use either!

Blog Dare - Day 12 - Dear 10 year old self..

I would look back and tell my 10 year old self to keep being strong and to cherish every moment with the family members that respect and love you for who you are no matter of your grandfather and my uncle...I would love to go back and be with my grandfather again and be in the front seat with him in that blue work van that he drove every day to the greenhouse and sometimes took me out even if it was just a few blocks away and let me sit with him in the front seat and drive....loved and cherish those moments and memories and I wish so much that he could of spent more time with each of my kids so that they could see just what a great grandfather that he was.. And then I would love to spend time with my uncle..I loved the times that we just went to the resivoir and hung out and sometimes fished or walked or the times that we would go driving around and up to the mountains and then just go walking around and spent time together...loved those times so much!! I wioul

Work from home - no cost

Good evening, I am so far behind on my blogs! I don't like getting behind but life happens and its been chaotic around here lately! I would like to share with you all a way to work from home and make some extra money. Now some think, oh ok either its a scam where you have to pay something (no cost involved) or other think oh ok its a work at home thing so that means making free money by doing nothing and getting paid for it!! No again, you have to put some effort and time into working at home with whatever you choose to do from home. I came across this today and want to share it with you, I signed up (free) just listen to a video and it will tell you all about it. Its not a scam and it costs nothing for you to look at it and see if you want to make some extra money at home part or full time, you choose. Oh and there is no cold calling or selling or anything like here is the link for you to check it out..

Blog Dare - Day 11 - A favorite find while thrifting or antiquing... {Or what you hope to find!}

I have found lots of things through out the years. I have found things from clothes to cd's to other electronics to furniture for a great price. Love thrift shopping.

Blog Dare - Day 10 - What others never understood about my pregnancy.

Well lets first child I was scared to death about being pregnant and the things that I was going through but what others just don't get or understand is that no matter what I was hearing and what others thought I stayed strong for me and my son and I took care of us both while being pregnant and from the first day that I found out that I was pregnant, even though I was nervous and scared, I love that baby inside of me so much that I never realized that I could love something so much until he was actually born and placed in my arms for the first time and time just stood still....he is one of four blessings in my life and I am so proud of him for the young adult that I have raised him to be and the person that he's become. It seemed like all everyone could do or would do around me is talk/gossip about me and some didn't even know me or the situation and the others that did (family) just gossiped about me every second they could...not in front of me but of

Blog Dare - Day 9 - ... and he never found out!

And he never found out...hmm, not too sure about this one....I'm just going to leave this one alone because I can't think of anything right now...

Blog Dare - Day 8 in April - What my mommy swimsuit looks like... compared to my younger years swimsuit.

Ok so today's blog is about what mommy's swimsuit looks like compared to my younger years swimsuit...ok hmm well back when I was younger I wore the one piece ones that looked nice and showed off my legs (I'm 6 ft so yea long legs)...I haven't worn a swim suit in years!! If I was to lose a few more pounds I might consider wearing a bikini!! I don't think that any of my teens would like me wearing a bikini but if I lose a few more pounds then I might just take a chance and wear one! What the heck you know..only live once!