Blog Dare - Day 12 - Dear 10 year old self..

I would look back and tell my 10 year old self to keep being strong and to cherish every moment with the family members that respect and love you for who you are no matter of your grandfather and my uncle...I would love to go back and be with my grandfather again and be in the front seat with him in that blue work van that he drove every day to the greenhouse and sometimes took me out even if it was just a few blocks away and let me sit with him in the front seat and drive....loved and cherish those moments and memories and I wish so much that he could of spent more time with each of my kids so that they could see just what a great grandfather that he was.. And then I would love to spend time with my uncle..I loved the times that we just went to the resivoir and hung out and sometimes fished or walked or the times that we would go driving around and up to the mountains and then just go walking around and spent time together...loved those times so much!! I wiould also tell my 10 year old self to not take anything for granted and if you see something that you want or someone that you love to not let them go...fight for them no matter what!  


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