Getting my new cell - its an Android!! WOO HOO

LOL..yea I am finally moving up in the world and getting an Android!! Mine was plane jane that I had and didn't go online with it or anything just simple text/calls etc but this one that I am getting with US Cellular is pretty cool!! And hopefully I will get it Tuesday or Wednesday..I ordered it last night on the phone with them while calling in to check the status of the original order that I placed and she said that it would take 3-5 business day to just process it because its a web special thing and all that jazz and so she talked me into this phone which is a little better I guess then the one that I had picked out...this one has a camera on it (mine did too, love taking random pics  ) this one though has a cam with a flash she said so incase I want to see something in the dark and take a pic with a flash it would be good. Oh and the thing that I didn't know is that any of the "incoming" calls or text to the phone are free!! I didn't know that!! With my other I'm pretty sure they charged for every little thing that they could!


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