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Get a free ringtone

Hi everyone....I have this site that I would like you all to look at, all you have to do is put in your cell number and then put in the pin and you get a rington that easy....Thank you in advance for your participation...I am doing this to win a contest...all you have to do is take a minute out of your day to enter your cell number and then the pin, once you do that leave me a message on here to let me know you have. Thank you so much, its very much appreciated...Happy Holidays

Still under the weather

Hi everyone. I am still feeling icky...bad runny nose that won't stop running, like a waterfall....EWW! Haven't been on here again today b/c I just don't have energy or feel like getting up and coming in here at all til a little while ago only b/c my mom called to ask about something for Christmas. Otherwise I've been in bed all day long and Leon's been a good boy waiting on me and givig me whatever I need and want and taking care of me. Hes been pretty good for the past week. Kids are in bed asleep and excited to be out of school for 2 weeks and that Christmas is in a matter of days now instead of weeks. I can't believe its this close to Christmas...just really not in the mood this year...I guess feeling like crap has something to do with it. I hope that you all have a great, safe and wonderful weekend and Happy Holidays, Merry Christmas and just a little over a week to go before HAPPY NEW YEAR! Hugs

Horrible Earache

Horrible Earache December 20, 2007 at 10:17 PM by Lisa_2900 3 Comment(s) 13 Total Views Hi everyone. I haven't felt to good today at all. I woke up this morning aroudn 2ish with a little earache and somehow managed to get a litte sleep until 4 and then I woke up to a horrible earache that was hurting so bad that it brought tears to my eyes! I woke Leon up about 4:30 and told him that I was hurting and he said Im sorry and tried to go back to sleep but I wouldn't let him. I insisted that he walk his butt to walmart and get some ear drops for me and thats what he did after a few minutes of griping that its 4:30 in the morning! but he left around 4:45 and got back home about an hour later and I thanked him and put them in my ear $7 for the stupid crap! I guess it was worth every penny of it b/c knock on wood its felt better all day. I have been in bed all day long. I slept for awhile and then woke up to a horrible soar thro

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Less then a week til Christmas

Hi everyone. How are you all doing? Good I hope. Can't believe that Christmas is less then a week away. Not really to much in the Christmas mood/spirit this year. Sitting here listening to my music of all sorts of different songs on my playlist thats on my cafemom site. Have the speakers turned up and the bass booming. Its been a tough week. I don't really feel that good. Just in a blah mood for the most part. We were going to put the Christmas tree up and come to find out that the poles for it are not in the box with the rest of it. The poles are the middle part and then the limbs that go in that SUCKS! So we just decorated the windows in the front room, well Leon did with lights, garland and let the kids hang a few ornaments on the lights. Leon is being have. He was playign with Sean earlier with his fighting toys and now hes in the front room with Jared helping him play a game online for an hour or so. It was nice out this afternoon after the kids got home fro


I just wanted to sit here and blog. I have alot on my mind. FIRST of all...people just don't know what is going on around here at my house. I blog my feelings on here and I blog my thoughts and vent on here and you know some things might sound worse then they are when I blog it. REGARDLESS no one knows what goes on here except me, SO to those of you who think that my kids are getting mentally abused or any other type of abuse they aren't. YOU ARE NOT PSYCHIATRISTS and don't know what is going on here. I don't like it when people sit there and basically in a nut shell putting it nicely act like I am sitting here and just letting my kids be treated badly. I LOVE MY KIDS!!!! I WOULD DO ANYTHING FOR MY KIDS! So for those of you that said that when they get older they are going to hate there dad and resent me for letting him treat them the way that he is...BITE ME! My kids won't resent me...I have done nothing but love my kids, tend to my kids, care for my kids, and stoo