Horrible Earache

Horrible Earache

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Hi everyone. I haven't felt to good today at all. I woke up this morning aroudn 2ish with a little earache and somehow managed to get a litte sleep until 4 and then I woke up to a horrible earache that was hurting so bad that it brought tears to my eyes! I woke Leon up about 4:30 and told him that I was hurting and he said Im sorry and tried to go back to sleep but I wouldn't let him. I insisted that he walk his butt to walmart and get some ear drops for me and thats what he did after a few minutes of griping that its 4:30 in the morning! but he left around 4:45 and got back home about an hour later and I thanked him and put them in my ear $7 for the stupid crap! I guess it was worth every penny of it b/c knock on wood its felt better all day. I have been in bed all day long. I slept for awhile and then woke up to a horrible soar throat and really bad cold, my nose is hurting so much from blowing and wiping it..ICK! Leon's been waiting on me all day and night. The kids went to bed fast and on time tonight. Jared spent some time in here on the pc to relax and enjoy his self and Leon of course was in front of his game most of the night but helped tend to the kids to while I dozed off.
Our oven quit on us and another burner went out so that leaves us with no oven and one burner to cook on. We have a little toaster oven but that doesn't do to much for us but its better then nothing. He cooked little pizzas in it earlier for the kids.
So now we need to worry about buying one of those 2 burner electric burner things at walmart for $20 or so..fun. So I guess we will just deal with the one burner and the little toaster oven and not have a turkey or a roast on Christmas since theres no oven now to cook it in...which sucks! Oh well life goes on..is it tax time yet??
I hope that you all have a great night and Friday..Happy Holidays...


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