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Sharing a couple of pics that my son took

My middle son Chris is turning into someone that loves to take pics just like me! He's been doing a great job going outside every evening and getting some great shots of the sky. And sometimes even in the morning before school he goes outside to take some. Thought I would share a couple on here... And for those of you that have never been to SE Oklahoma lol..this is what our beautiful skies look like here... I decided to share these instead..they were just taken minutes ago!! Breathtaking to me!!

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Guild Wars 2 - pre-release in less then 15 hours!!

I am SO excited about this game releasing!! I have been waiting for it seems like FOREVER for it to finally get here!!! And now that I actually have bought it and get to play it in less then 15 hours is awesome!! It doesn't "officially" release until the 28th but if you pre-purchased it then you get a 3 day ahead pass thing where you get to play early!! HECK YEA!! I love games like this. I don't have a lot of time to play and I won't be playing that much but on days where I just need to relax and get my mind off of things and get away from reality this is a great way to do it. And the best part about Guild Wars 2 ... its free after you purchase it!! Its not like wow where you purchase the game then you have to pay the $15 a month and then buy the expansions and keep paying the $15 a month after month after month..nope you just buy the game ONCE and that's it!! LOVE IT! I was always a fan of GW the first one and I was so thrilled when I heard that they were

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5 day forecast...NICE!

5 Day Forecast Updated: Aug 22, 2012, 8:08am CDT Today Aug 22 90 °F 64 °F Sunny CHANCE OF RAIN: 0%   WIND: SSE at 10 mph Details Thu Aug 23 91 ° 67 ° Mostly Sunny CHANCE OF RAIN: 10%   WIND: S at 13 mph Details Fri Aug 24 86 ° 68 ° Isolated T-Storms CHANCE OF RAIN: 30%   WIND: SSE at 14 mph Details Sat Aug 25 89 ° 70 ° Scattered T-Storms CHANCE OF RAIN: 40%   WIND: SSE at 12 mph Details Sun Aug 26 92 ° 70 ° Mostly Sunny CHANCE OF RAIN: 10%   WIND: S at 9 mph Details 10 Day Forecast