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Saturday afternoon

    Good afternoon everyone. Today has been pretty good so far. At least nothing to bad or heck even exciting is going on around here today. Jared and his buddy went riding around on there skateboards. It always makes me nervous b/c Jared doesn't have a helmet. He called earlier adn was at the park with the ducks and then a few minutes ago they called and was getting a snow cone and enjoying it. He said that they were coming back here to get there bikes but they haven't shown up yet..Im getting worried and fixing to call him. They are probably just goofing off eating there snocones but I still worry.     the little kids are outside playing and enjoying the weather. I thought that they said on the radio that it might rain today but so far its like partly sunny and doing alright with no signs of rain.     I wouldn't really mind it raining, I like it when it rains. I don't want it to get that messy or that rough out but I like it when it just pours and is nice .. sounds fu

Friday evening

    Good evening everyone. I hope that you all are having a great evening. Nothing to much going on around here. The boys are playing outside in the backyard. Sean and Chris got grounded earlier today and so they stayed in and were grounded to there beds for about an hour of time out. They BOTH left the yard where I couldn't see them so they got grounded from going outside and a time out for an hour to sit and think. It worked they did and they said that they were sorry...scared me to death nearly when I looked out and they weren't anywhere in site! They thought that since Jared was running around the house and across the street etc with his friend, they thought that they could to but they knew better b/c I have ALWAYS told them stay in the yard! They simply didn't listen so they got in trouble. They are outside now, they listened and were being have during there time out so I let them back out with a stern warning NOT to go out of the yard again. This day and age I don'

Almost Friday again!!

    Good evening So today went by really fast. I really can't believe that tomorrow is already Friday again! I swear it doesn't seem like a week has gone by yet. And in the next couple of days is Easter already?? Weird. I can't believe that its this early this year. I remember it coming on the 8th of April b/c thats one of my cousins birthdays and I remember it being on the 16th of April b/c that is my daughter and a friend of mines birthdays but I don't ever remember it being this early in the year. Funny and strange how those things work out like they do.     So lets see what else is going on. Not to much around here. Talked or well e-mailed one of my friends that I haven't talked to in a little while on yahoo today, didn't message him, he e-mailed me and went from there. It was nice hearing from him and knowing that hes alright. Good to hear from him, hes doing great, moving on from things in the past and having a great life. I am so happy for him, he deserve

Happy Birthday to me :)

    Good morning everyone. I am up its after 1am and I am still up and not very tired as of yet. Today is my 35th birthday. I was born at 6:36am. 5 years ago today is when the war with Iraq started and 5 years ago tonight is when me and one of my best friends Brian went to Bon Jovi's concert that was in Dallas. It was an AWESOME concert of course!! I wanted to go soooo bad this year to one of them either in Dallas or OK City but not sure that I will now..depressing but thats oh well maybe Sandy will win us tickets and then I will go and see him...maybe she will..     Anyway, nothing much going on, just up and not sleepy yet was but not now. Me and Sandy got to talking on the phone and now back on messenger and Im just not that tired anymore.     I am checking e-mails and saving a TON of pics and stats from the groups that I joined the other day. I love em all.  But I am doing better now, b/c now when I save them, I got to my photobucket and put them on there th

Changed Myspace Layout yet again

    Good evening, I have changed my freaking myspace layout only about half a dozen times tonight!! LOL...I went from roses, to HP to Dirty Dancing and a sunset beach in there somewhere and now I have done my Bon Jovi. I love Bon Jovi so I decided to look it up and sure enough there was a couple cool ones of him that I liked so now I have him on my page..woohoo he looks SOOO GOOD!     So be sure to let me know what you think of my new layout...knowing me I will change again in a couple of days but for now I like it :) Have a great rest of the week everyone.

Rainy Tuesday

    Good evening everyone. I hope that each and everyone of you had a great day today. Mine was alright. Had to get out in the icky rainy weather, didn't like that to much, but gotta do whatcha gotta do.     Jared and his buddy went riding today to the mall and back home, he had left his game boy sp over at his friends house the other night when he spent the night there and so his friend rode his bike over here today and gave it back to him. Then they took off and rode to the mall. That kid LOVES riding his bike all over town, Jared on the other hand isn't to use to it but likes it alright I guess. They went riding when it was sprinkling or not raining at all.     I got out and went to the water company and then to the cable company. Found out that for some reason the water bill is doubled this month! Intstead of being $50-55 it was $110!!!! Thats just ridiculous! So I came home and griped and said enough is enough stop wasting water! leon has a habit of leaving the water runn

Remove the Politically correct Blinders and open your eyes

Hey there, I did NOT write this, I copied it off of a cafe moms journal post..just wanted to share it with you all... Just so you know where I am coming from:  There have been alot of debates on the candidates and what they believe.  There is a lot of conservative vs. liberal bashing going on in many groups on CafeMom.   Perhaps a few years ago, we could have lived in shades of grey.  Due events on Sept 11, 2001, we can no longer operate in shades of grey, the world is now black and white and will remain so until terrorism is defeated. In this election cycle, we have 3 legitimate candidates who could end up being POTUS - Hillary Clinton, John McCain and Barak Obama.  All three of these candidates have people who are 100% in support of them.  All three of them have people who are 100% opposed to them.  There are also a lot of people who are on the fence if you will - people who do not like any of the candidates before them. We have some major issues facing us - illegal immigration,

Thinking about drinking

    Hey there everyone. Well, I am considering going out and getting a 4 pack of wine coolers and a single beer for hubby, not sure if I will yet..still thinking about it. He just came in here and asked if I was going to for my birthday but I don't know why he said for my birthday, i have never drank before in all of the 13 years that we've been married on my birthday so why start this year??! Anyway, I might just go out tonight and do it. Not sure, Jared is at his friends house spending the night and if he found out, he would kick my butt b/c hubby used to have an issue with drinking, not me but hubby and Jared doesn't want me to be like hubby was back then a decade ago. I won't ever let myself get like that, I don't even drink on New years or haven't lately in the past couple of years so I don't have to worry about that. I might just go and get us something for the simple fact that I can and it won't do that much to us. Just need a night of relaxation

Free Music online nothing to download

    Good evening everyone. I came across this site by accident looking for 80's music online. Its called and you don't have to download anything and you can pick what you listen to and its all free. I am listening to Metalica on it now. I liked a few of there songs and I like the one that is playing even though, I don't remember it to good. I need something to boom tonight. My station on the radio is playing instrumental music and another radio station has talk on it so I just decided to look for something online and found this. So check it out if you like to listen to free music online without downloading things. Have a great night...happy listening!! Blogged with Flock

Sunday Evening

    Good evening everyone. I hope that you all are having and had a great weekend. My kids are out next week for Spring Break so at least I don't have to get up early early in the morning, maybe get to sleep in for an hour...maybe.     I watched the end of Home Make Over. ... it was cool. Then I watched the Big Give and I liked it. They did a lot of good for all the kids. Doing the two schools was fun for them and Andre and Tony Hawk how can you not have fun with them. As for next week, WOW now that is something that I could do and have fun doing, having 24 hours to give away $100,000 cash! I think that I could do that without a problem. I would go to different organizations and to some separate families and help them out. Maybe go to a homeless shelter and help out some people and give them a couple thousand each, that would get them out of the shelter and in a place of there own for a couple of months I would think and give them time to get there stuff together and find a job and


        Good evening everyone. I hope that your all doing great tonight. I am fixing to go in there and watch Oprah's "Big Give" crap I forgot that Big Brother came on tonight, not sure if it came on at 7 or 8 I forget but anyway I will just watch the end I guess. I will be back on here later on to blog some more. I have a ton on my mind and I want to blog it all.     So I hope that each of you are having a great and safe weekend. My kids are safe and sound in the house. They were being to rough and wild outside so I made them come in and get in the tub. YIKES what am I going to do with them acting all wild this coming week for Spring break! I hope that it stays nice out so that they can play outside, but I don't want them getting to wild and crazy.     Have a great week everyone..hugs Blogged with Flock


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Bon Jovi Sunday

        I am calling this one, Bon Jovi Sunday since I have been and still am blasting my Bon Jovi music all day long. I went to there web site, and I saw them and heard them tell about a thing called I love my town and you have to make a video with there song in the background. Crap if I thought that I could do it I would in a heartbeat. I don't have a video camera or else I would go for it! I love them and I would literally have a heart attack if they were to come here to my town! I know that they are going to be in Dallas in mid April and then the next day in OK City or vice versa, I wanted to go to one or both and now I don't think that I will be able to go to either one. ... pisses me off. I love them SO much and they don't go on tour all the time and the last time they were on tour, back 5 years ago, they were in Dallas on my birthday and one of my best friends Brian took me and I had a blast with him for my 30th birthday!! I wish that I could do that again. I would d