Happy Birthday to me :)

    Good morning everyone. I am up still...so its after 1am and I am still up and not very tired as of yet. Today is my 35th birthday. I was born at 6:36am. 5 years ago today is when the war with Iraq started and 5 years ago tonight is when me and one of my best friends Brian went to Bon Jovi's concert that was in Dallas. It was an AWESOME concert of course!! I wanted to go soooo bad this year to one of them either in Dallas or OK City but not sure that I will now..depressing but thats life...so oh well maybe Sandy will win us tickets and then I will go and see him...maybe she will..
    Anyway, nothing much going on, just up and not sleepy yet was but not now. Me and Sandy got to talking on the phone and now back on messenger and Im just not that tired anymore.
    I am checking e-mails and saving a TON of pics and stats from the groups that I joined the other day. I love em all.  But I am doing better now, b/c now when I save them, I got to my photobucket and put them on there then delete them so that I don't take up a ton of room and so I don't forget and delete them before putting them on my photobucket like the ones of Sean the other day I thought I put on there and didn't and ended up deleting them and he was soo cute with the homemade purse that he made!! LOL...He did a good drawing on it to but its gone darn it..can't believe they got deleted...he loves to make things. He has been drawing on my erase board thing in here where I have my schedules and such and he draws me things and leaves me messages, all the kids leave messages like I love ya mom and happy birthday etc...they are sweet and great kids :)

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