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Rainy Tuesday

    Good evening everyone. I hope that each and everyone of you had a great day today. Mine was alright. Had to get out in the icky rainy weather, didn't like that to much, but gotta do whatcha gotta do.
    Jared and his buddy went riding today to the mall and back home, he had left his game boy sp over at his friends house the other night when he spent the night there and so his friend rode his bike over here today and gave it back to him. Then they took off and rode to the mall. That kid LOVES riding his bike all over town, Jared on the other hand isn't to use to it but likes it alright I guess. They went riding when it was sprinkling or not raining at all.
    I got out and went to the water company and then to the cable company. Found out that for some reason the water bill is doubled this month! Intstead of being $50-55 it was $110!!!! Thats just ridiculous! So I came home and griped and said enough is enough stop wasting water! leon has a habit of leaving the water running in the kitchen and walking off into the other room and now its costing me double my bill which is stupid! Hes a freaking grown up for goodness sakes! He should know better!!
    So I have been updating my myspace page tonight, I took a new pic of me and my daughter last night. I am trying to get the boys to take one with me but they are being butts and don't like taking pictures and hubby either..I don't honestly think that me and hubby have even ONE picture together! The dingbat! I am going to sneak and do it hell while hes sleeping if I have
    So anyway I found a few layouts that I liked, a love one, then a roses one, then Harry Potter one and now I have left it on Dirty Dancing...I love that movie and haven't seen it in awhile but still love it. I looked and looked and can't find really to many that I liked the looks of once it got on my page. I like the DD one though.
    So lets see what else, well I am checking e-mail constantly. I am in a couple of the yahoo Freecycle and cheapcycle groups and a few minutes ago a lady listed a TON of things that I wanted and I e-mailed her and told her but darn it haven't heard back from her yet. She said that she added more in a 2nd posting and said that she was up but she didn't reply to me dang it and I wanted the stuff, I need the stuff!!
    Lets see what else, I applied for and sent off the paperwork for Ver-A-Fast, another job here at home calling people about the yellowpages etc and they pay weekly and I am hoping to start tomorrow night if they get the paperwork and email me that they got it. I want to do the training this week get it over with and then maybe get a little check next week from this week. We will see. I went out and applied at a few more places today. I think that maybe I just need to get out there in a work place and work since I am stuck here 24/7's. I applied at  3 more places so I am hoping that Taco Bell calls again and this time I can go since I am not sick this week!
    Not to much else going on. I am enjoying the kids being home this week for Spring break although they haven't really gotten the chance to play outside that much since its been messy.
    OMG Yesterday the kids were out playing and Leon was in the house, I had went somewhere and came back and I came back to a crying/screaming Sean coming in from the back yard, one of the kids from next door BIT Sean!!!!!! on the leg!!!!! He pulled his pants down to let me see and there is a huge bruise and a big teeth mark!!!!!!!!! Nearly drew blood, didn't but you could see it was trying!!!!! I WAS PISSED! At first I thought kids are kids and then I thought wait a minute if my son did that to someone I would expect them to say something to me and my son, I would want to know. So I went outside and asked the kids that was out there if Sean did anything to provoke the little boy and 3 of them said no, another kid, and Jesse and Chris all said no and the little boys sister was out there but she didn't say anything. So I asked them where the little boy was at that did it, they said he went home ( next door inside) so I said alright but when he comes back out, someone come let me know. So they did and a few minutes later I went outside in the back yard and I said are you the one that bit my son and he didn't answer but the sister hollered yes. So I told him he had no reason to be biting my son or anyone else for that matter and he could stay home in his yard if he was going to act like that. I told him off pretty good he was being snotty and rude and I didn't like it. I told him that if I ever caught him over at my house again and being mean that I would go have a talk with his mom and dad and he was like yea right. RUDE kid! By this time the mom comes out of the front of the house and walks around the side of the house and says what is it and I told her that 3 kids told me that he bit my son and has a bruise and teeth marks on my sons leg and I don't appreciate it and she said oh well he came in and said that the little boy held his neck and I said well I asked all of the kids that were out here and they said that my son didn't do anything to him, so whatever but if my son ever did anything for them to come tell me NOT to take it into his own hands and BITE my son!!!! She said well I told him he shouldn't of bit him and she acted like it wasn't that big of a deal!!!! I would of had Sean in the house and grounded him and hollered at him for doing that if he would of done it. There is NO reason for that crap to be going on and if they don't like it then stay the hell in there own damn yard!!!!! Some people!! Leon said I bet there neighbors are glad they moved and I said yea bet so, lucky us!!! So I can't wait til we get a chance to MOVE!
    So yea that was yesterday .. really fun day! Hope that everyone has a great rest of the week...hugs

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