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New season Army Wives tomorrow night!!!!!

I don't know how many others are out there like me but this show is SO good!!!! I am not an army wife nor was I ever but I just fell in love with the show completely a 100% the first time that I saw it!! And Season 5 is finally right around the corner and starts tomorrow night!! YES!!!!! Army Wives

Taylor Swift - Back to December


Needing a blog button

I am needing a blog button but I am having a really bad time finding an image to use and I also don't know the first thing about making one!! Can anyone help?? It can be something simple...a pic of a lady/mom like so many of the others I see out there but I don't know where to look and its overwhelming to search and not know exactly what for and not come up with anything! I want it to say Lisa's Blogs proud wahm or Blog Queen Lisa I love that one (the 2nd one) I had a banner that one of my friends made me a couple years back but I can't find it darn it! It had a picture of a queen's crown on it and said The Blogging Queen .. yea thats what I want it to say...The blogging Queen Lisa or Blogging Queen Lisa something like that....can someone help? I would really appreciate it. I just want to have a button on my site so for the ones that I get their buttons, they can get mine too....

Idiot woman kills stepdaughter that she abused and then takes body in trash bag across country!

This is just horrible!!! I just understand how people can be so damn mean and violent to kids!!!! And this poor child was disabled on top of it! They should of treated her like she treated the girl!!! Maybe if we started treating the bad people the way that they do the innocent kids and adults then maybe some of this crap would stop!!!!

Train whistle blowing again at 1:20 in the freaking morning!!!!!!!

I have been sitting here since 1:20 listening to a constant train whistle blowing....its now 1:24 and its still blowing!!!! I am having a hell of a time getting sleep and they are really helping me!! Thank you to the train conductors!!!!! And now its 1:25 and STILL BLOWING!!!! What in the world is going on for them to blow it constantly for freaking 5 minutes?? really?? And as I'm ending this blog the darn thing is STILL BLOWING!!!!!!!! UGH!

There should be a law against trains blowing whistles past 10pm in town!!

I am frustrated enough right now with the issues and things going on and then I hear the wonderful sound of the train coming through town and blowing its whistle. Now its one thing to blow it maybe once, twice tops and keep going but nope not here!!! When trains come through here they have to blow it at least a half dozen times!!! Just enough to wake you up from a nice deep sleep!!! Ugh!!! Its midnight and the nutty train conductors come roaring through here blasting there whistles like its 7 at night instead of midnight!!!   I didn't get that much sleep last night, I swear every time I drifted off I was woken up by the darn train whistle blowing!! And I remember really waking up at 1:30 to a very loud and annoying train whistle!!!! I'm not the deepest nor lightest sleeper in the world and having issues lately of falling asleep and then when I finally do and get comfy there goes the loud blowing whistle!!! Stupid crap like that is just getting on my last nerve lately!!!

Terrific Thursday blog hop!!

Welcome to the Terrific Thursday blog hop hosted by  Rondi  from   WAHM Resource Site  and  Crystal  from  My Life as Mom and Wife . Together, we are hoping to create an awesome weekly blog hop to find new blogs and meet new blog friends. Each week we will pick a random blog to be the guest host. This weeks guest host for the #3 Spot is  Becoming Brea ! Please Note: The code for the button has changed. Please grab it again!! The Guidelines for participating in the Terrific Thursday blog hop are as follows: 1. Please grab the blog hop button to spread the word. 2. Please follow the two hosts and guest host –  WAHM Resource Site  and  My Life as Mom and Wife , and the guest host  Becoming Brea  via Google Friend Connect. 3. Please do not link up your giveaways, blog hops, etc. (These will be deleted.) Link up your blog, visit and follow the blogs that interest you and have fun!  If you follow our blogs and leave a comment, we will always follow you back! Now, let’s get blog h

Random thoughts tonight

I have so much on my mind tonight that I am on overdrive!!!!! I can't believe that its March already and now the 2nd day is coming to an end flying on by. Then the fact that yesterday and today was chaotic and busy running errands and out running running running and going to appointments and getting things done and just geez!!   Then things that I heard yesterday, the idiot that came up with the thing in Georgia to get miscarriages as a capitol crime punishable by death? Yea ok, that really makes a lot of since!!! (Yes that is complete Sarcasm!!!!) I mean heck why not punish the moms that went through miscarriages...I mean like it was their fault?? Like we just said ok you can take this child from us for whatever reason and then I can be punished and put in prison and on death row!! What in the world are these idiots thinking????? Really?? Do they even have a brain inside that little bitty head of there's??? I mean damn!!!! As a woman that has been through

How disrespectful is it to protest at a military funeral??? Unbelievable!!!!

If you click on the title of the blog, it will take you to the article that I am referring too. In my opinion, and I am sorry if I offend anyone, this isn't meant too. I believe in the freedom of speech and all that...I blog what I feel and my opinions and such and am very thankful to be able to have the freedom to write and say what I want and feel. But for those idiots that did this to that poor family that just lost a son..just is uncalled for!!!! How can you even really have a heart in your body to do that to those people??? And I'm sure their are others out there that they have done this too too and we just or well I just haven't heard about them. Its one thing to say what you want as freedom of speech, its another to do that while a family is grieving the loss of a son and what is worse, is that he was military and fought for OUR country!!!! He fought and died for US!!! EVERYONE!!! Even the idiots that caused all the trouble at the funeral!! He gave his life for

Very busy and chaotic first day of March

So today was a very busy and chaotic day to say the least, but on the good side, I got a ton done. I got a lot of errands done and things done but more to do tomorrow like going to my appointment at the social security office and then! I got my cell phone back on today and I am loving getting texting and status updating on facebook..loving it. Have a great rest of the week everyone.   I have tons of updating to do tomorrow too and then I have until the 11th for my new hire orientation and then the 14th will be the start of the training for my job working with a mobile phone carrier..and the guy said that its 50cents more then what I thought and a min of 40 hours a week, long term year long and if I wanted to work 80 hours I can! Sounds pretty awesome and I can't wait. He said that if people just make it through the training/certification that lasts for 3-4 weeks and then a week off to work the billing calls and then back to training for another 3 weeks and then

Bachelor - only 2 women left!!

So me and my daughter watched the Bachelor earlier tonight. Wow, that was a good show tonight. I am sorta in the middle of him letting Ashley go, I know that something was going on there and then it just up and got all messed up with them. I hated that. I thought that she was cute and sweet and her family was great and all that but if there was something there and then it up and just let them drift apart I guess it wasn't as strong with her as it is with the other 2 ladies.   I like both of the ladies that are left.  But I am thinking that its going to be a hard, really tough decision because of the fact that with Chantel she's the emotional one that over does it sometimes and with Emily (which I truly love!!) Its going to be really hard with her too because of her having a daughter and that is a high thing to live up too. But she must really really love him since she introduced him to her daughter and let that happen...that says alot because I can completely understand

Last day of Feb. 2011

Dang I can't believe that its the last day of February already!! This month has really flown by....which is a good thing though because its basically sucked big time for me!!   Refund didn't happen, other things didn't happen. At least I got a new job last Thursday hired for it, more pay is always a great thing and working here at home is always a wonderful thing so I can handle working, making money, and taking care of the kids and house. So its ending on a good note..but sure started out crappy!   I'm looking forward to the upcoming month and hoping that its a great one. I have a birthday coming up and all I'm wanting for it is to be with friends and have a great weekend, hopefully that will happen one way or another.    

Georgia considering making miscarriages a Capitol Crime!!!!!!

I read about this the other day in an email and I thought no way is someone going to be as stupid as making miscarriages a capitol crime punishable by death. At first I thought ok maybe they meant abortions? or something like that ... even though I am completely against abortions...that's another blog....Anyway, I thought how on earth could a person/human with a heart LITERALLY come up with an idea like that???? Miscarriages are something that just happens nothing makes them happen, at least that's what I think and have known all of my life. Now yes sometimes if someone is nutty they can make things happen BUT I would have to say that 99% of the time that they happen and thats just a part of life that none of us has control over. And for someone to take this into his hands and say that miscarriages are going to be considered as a capitol crime and that its punishable by death?? I don't know what in the world these people or person was thinking??? Apparently its a MAN and ap