How disrespectful is it to protest at a military funeral??? Unbelievable!!!!

If you click on the title of the blog, it will take you to the article that I am referring too.

In my opinion, and I am sorry if I offend anyone, this isn't meant too.

I believe in the freedom of speech and all that...I blog what I feel and my opinions and such and am very thankful to be able to have the freedom to write and say what I want and feel. But for those idiots that did this to that poor family that just lost a son..just is uncalled for!!!! How can you even really have a heart in your body to do that to those people??? And I'm sure their are others out there that they have done this too too and we just or well I just haven't heard about them. Its one thing to say what you want as freedom of speech, its another to do that while a family is grieving the loss of a son and what is worse, is that he was military and fought for OUR country!!!! He fought and died for US!!! EVERYONE!!! Even the idiots that caused all the trouble at the funeral!! He gave his life for their freedom of speech!!! Just angers me how they can say the things they do. Angers me how they couldn't at least wait ... wait for a while wait until after...geez. 

one of my friends said in a comment on facebook about this, What comes around goes around and yes indeed it will!!! Just burns me to no end that their are people out there that are so self centered and selfish that they have nothing else to do in their lives but make others miserable??? Pathetic!!!!

Ok I am done ranting about it...for now! Not to say that I won't again! Click the title for the article about this.


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