Random thoughts tonight

I have so much on my mind tonight that I am on overdrive!!!!!
I can't believe that its March already and now the 2nd day is coming to an end already...wow flying on by. Then the fact that yesterday and today was chaotic and busy running errands and out running running running and going to appointments and getting things done and just geez!!
Then things that I heard yesterday, the idiot that came up with the thing in Georgia to get miscarriages as a capitol crime punishable by death? Yea ok, that really makes a lot of since!!! (Yes that is complete Sarcasm!!!!) I mean heck why not punish the moms that went through miscarriages...I mean like it was their fault?? Like we just said ok you can take this child from us for whatever reason and then I can be punished and put in prison and on death row!! What in the world are these idiots thinking????? Really?? Do they even have a brain inside that little bitty head of there's??? I mean damn!!!! As a woman that has been through 2 miscarriages I know that its nothing that anyone did or could do, it just happens, Why?? We don't know it just does!!! Why are the clouds blue?? Why is it 75 outside one day and 2 days later there is a couple of feet of snow on the ground?? Why?? Just because!!! Its not up to us, its not up to any of us on earth!!!
I don't understand how anyone could even think up such a thing and then it actually become a news story!! Nutty!! And  one of my friends said yea maybe he is just doing it to be in the news and get publicity...ok well maybe so but I don't think that he's getting any positivity from all this BS!
And then today hearing about that story about the courts/judges that favored the protesters that was at a funeral of a military man I believe he was a marine (could be wrong don't remember if they said) but the point is that I understand that we have freedom of speech and yes I agree with it and I know that everyone has a freedom to say what they want when they want...but where they want should somewhat be excluded from funerals!!! I mean come on not in the way that they were doing it!! Thats just disgusting the way that they did that family. Incredible how much BS is going around and how many idiots are in this county that don't have much of a brain, yet they have mouths as big as the earth and can travel all over the place to protest at someone's funeral they didn't know and at someone's funeral that was a military person that died for our country! He died so that we could have our freedom of speech that they were saying at his funeral!! Ticks me off to no end!!
Ok so thats that and then there is the job thing..I have to wait until the 11th for orientation and then I have until the 14th for the training to start. I cant wait..I will still hopefully be working in real estate part time during all this and hopefully getting a little income in while waiting to start that job. Its either 3 or 4 weeks of training and then a week off of training where we can start taking calls for a week and then back to training for 3 more weeks.
So yea my emotions are up and down and all over the place and then I won't go into the idiots that are adopting kids and then mistreating them!! Beating them!! Tying them up in the bathroom??? Crazy freaking people!!! That's another blog..ugh!
I hope that you all have a great rest of the week...I need to go relax some and so its Cities XL here I come!!


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